Valorant Update 5.02 Patch Notes! Valorant Update 5.02 Patch Notes Release Date!

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Valorant Update 5.02 Patch notes

According to Valorant’s latest patch, Phoenix has been ranked as one of the top agents in the game. It also received Yoru buffs or nerfs.

Since the game’s current season is slowly coming to an end, we are actively anticipating the next patch in Valorant. This concludes our knowledge on Valorant release 5.02

Valorant patch notes 5.02

We do not currently have any information on the patch notes of update 5.02, but we could see additional agent adjustments due to the game’s balancing problems.

Recent criticisms of Chamber have been made by players, pointing out that his Headhunter- and Tour de Force capabilities are too broken.

We might not see as many shots, but we will update this page if any new information is discovered.

Valorant Update 5.02 Patch Notes Date

The new Valorant patch is available from July 26 to August 2nd. You can view the Valorant Update 5.02 patch notes on their official website. We can expect the official notes to be available by August 2, 2022.

Valorant Game Info

Riot Games developed and published Valorant, a free-to play first-person shooter for Microsoft Windows. The game, codename Project A, was first announced in October 2019. A closed beta period, with limited access, was launched on April 7, 2020. It was followed by an official release date on June 2, 2020. The game was developed in 2014. Valorant, a tactical shooter, borrows several concepts from Counter-Strike such as the buy menu and spray patterns.

Valorant Gameplay

Valorant, a first-person shooter that is team-based and is currently in development, is being set in the near future. Players assume the role of one or more of a variety Agents. They are made up of people of different nations and cultures. In the primary game mode, five players are on each team and each player is assigned to the attacking or defense team. Agents have special abilities that require charges. Each agent also has an ultimate power that requires charging for kills, deaths, orbs or missions. Each player begins a game having a “classic” handgun, and possibly one or more charges for “signature abilities”.


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