Unravelled mind Rishab Maya MJ Vishal Helly thriller SS Part 8

Unravelled thoughts Section 8

Ruchika took Kabir and Maya to the Luthra area and pointed her palms in any respect her members of the family.

Ruchika:One in every of them has killed MJ.

Kabir and Maya have been stunned.

Ruchika checked out them emotionally.

Ruchika:Sorry,I will’t conceal anything else from Kabir anymore.

They have been silent.

Rishab:You probably did a just right factor by way of revealing the reality now Ruchika.

Kabir:Why are you all offended with MJ?

Karan:As a result of he destroyed our happiness.As a result of him we misplaced our sister Krithika.

Maya and Kabir have been stunned.




Flash again….

Krithika:In the end I were given my dream process.I wish to be against the law reporter.

All changed into boring.

Rakhi:No,you don’t seem to be going to try this process.

Mahesh:It’s very unhealthy.

Krithika:Which box does now not have threat.I’ve been dreaming to change into against the law reporter and after all when my dream goes to fulfilled please don’t object it.

Rishab and Karan checked out every different in confusion.


Mahesh advised Krithika’s husband Pawan:Pawan,you are making her perceive.

Pawan:Papaji,sooner than marrying Krithika,I had promised her that I will be able to now not stand towards her goals.So I will’t spoil my promise.


Preeta:I feel papaji and Mummiji are proper.It’s very unhealthy.

Pawan:Bhabhi,which filed does now not have threat?You’re a physician.Docs too take dangers.Krithika is taking this type of possibility.


Preeta:However this isn’t like that Pawan.


Pawan:Don’t concern Preeta bhabhi.


Krithika may be very brave.She is going to organize any scenario.


I’ve whole religion in Krithika.


Krithika:Thanks such a lot for supporting me Pawan.

They embraced every different.

Rishab:If Krithika truly needs to do it,let her do it.


Karan:Sure.As brothers we will be able to offer protection to her.

Mahesh and Rakhi have been nonetheless in a quandary whilst others smiled.

Krithika:Thanks such a lot bhaiyyas.

She hugged them.




Krithika got to work as against the law reporter.

As soon as when she returned to her homeland by way of teach in the dead of night,she witnessed a prison named Prithvi murdering a person.She lined it along with her digital camera.

Prithvi:Mrityunjay Roy Sir…Prithvi Kapoor right here.As you advised me,I’ve killed that particular person.Please give my cash now.

Krithika was once stunned.

Krithika’s telephone rang.It was once silent.She picked up the telephone.

It was once Rishab.

Rishab:Krithika,did you achieve the railway station?

Krithika:Sure Rishab bhaiyya.However right here there’s a giant drawback.

Krithika advised him the whole thing.

Rishab was once stunned.

Rishab:Oh no,I did’nt know {that a} widely recognized particular person like MJ is this type of giant prison.You watch out Krithika.You conceal someplace.We will be able to come to the railway station now.


Unexpectedly Prithvi who noticed this pulled the telephone from her and destroyed it.

Krithika:What are you doing?

Prithvi:I’ve now not performed anything else but.However I’m going to do what I’ve to do.

Krithika were given scared.

Prithvi abducted Krithika and took her to Mrityunjay.Mrityunjay was once sitting there in a royal way.

MJ:That guy was once a traitor.He pretended to be my unswerving servant,however he betrayed me from my again.That’s why I killed him.So that you simply fail to remember what you noticed.


Krithika:Krithika Malhotra can by no means forget about crimes.I’m against the law reporter.

MJ:I don’t wish to hurt you.So simply depart me woman.

Krithika:No,by no means.

Unexpectedly Mrityunjay snatched her digital camera and destroyed it.Krithika was once stunned and disillusioned.

Mrityunjay smirked:How are you going to disclose me now?

Krithika:I will be able to disclose you in every other means.

MJ:For that it’s important to be alive pricey.Prithvi..kill her.

Prithvi moved the knife against Krithika.She was once scared and fearful.


Prithvi stabbed her.Krithika cried loudly.

MJ:Prithvi,put her the place you discovered her.

Prithvi:Sure Sir.


Prithvi positioned her frame on the railway station.Rishab,Pawan and Karan who got here there cried seeing her bleeding frame.




Rishab:However by way of God’s grace,Krithika had now not died.However she slipped to coma.Since Krithika had advised me about Prithvi Kapoor,we enquired in regards to the sought after criminals and after all we discovered Prithvi.Via Prithvi,we got here to grasp what came about to Krithika.


Flash again…

Pawan attempted to shoot MJ.However Prithvi held him.

Prithvi:Mrityunjay Roy Sir.You get away.


MJ smiled:Mrithyunjay Roy does now not run means petrified of somebody.

Prithvi checked out Pawan with a smirk.


Pawan was once attacked by way of Prithvi and MJ.

MJ:End him Prithvi.

Prithvi hit his head as in keeping with MJ’s order.

He additionally slipped into coma after the brutal assault.




Rishab:Each Krithika and Pawan are like a residing useless now on account of MJ.So  we made up our minds to take revenge on MJ.Thus I joined MJ’s corporate.My goal was once to kill him.All through work journeys,I attempted to shoot him secretly.


However anyone got here my means and my makes an attempt have been flopped.

Maya:MJ didn’t understand that you simply have been Krithika’s brother?


Rishab:No.As a result of Krithika’s surname was once Krithika Pawan Malhotra.

Karan:After Maya and Kabir uncovered MJ simplest we discovered that even Kabir and Maya’s goal was once MJ.When MJ escaped we knew that he’ll goal Kabir and Maya.Rishab and I traced MJ and reached the vacation spot.We each concealed at the back of you all with the gun.


We noticed Maya looking to shoot MJ.However we being revengeful made up our minds to kill him.So I shot him.


Sure,I simplest shot him.If you wish to arrest me,arrest me.

Rishab:Arrest me additionally as I supported Karan to shoot MJ and made many makes an attempt to kill him in more than a few cases.

Kabir changed into unhappy.Ruchika was once in tears.

Ruchika:Please Kabir,don’t arrest them.


Kabir:Don’t concern.I will be able to now not arrest Karan and Rishab.As a result of they weren’t fallacious in killing MJ.Everybody thinks that I killed MJ.Let everybody suppose like that as I had the license to kill MJ.So even I gained’t be arrested.

All of them smiled with reduction.


Kabir:The sought after prison Prithvi Kapoor was once arrested by way of our division.However being MJ’s puppet,he had now not printed anything else about MJ.

Maya was once glad that Prithvi was once arrested.

Ruchika checked out Kabir.

Ruchika:Now all tensions are over.Why don’t we rejoice it by way of going for a date?

Kabir cupped her face and mentioned:Anything else for you cutie pie.You know the way to get romantic in each tensed second.

Ruchika confirmed a adorable expression on her face.


Everybody giggled.



Maya hugged Manvi emotionally.

Maya:We gained Maa.We destroyed MJ.


Kabir smiled.

Manvi:These types of years MJ was once a burning coal in my thoughts.Now this is got rid of from my thoughts and my thoughts has change into non violent.


Maya smiled.

Manvi:Can I ask you one thing Maya?Don’t you’re keen on Rishab?

Maya was once silent.

Kabir was once surprised.

Kabir:Maya,you’re keen on Rishab?I did’nt know that you simply and Rishab love every different although I used to be at all times round you each.However Rishab is the right for you.He’s a gem.


Maya was once silent.

Manvi:Maya,I do know that on account of your function,you suppressed your emotions for Rishab.However now that’s now not wanted.I misplaced my real love Rudra.Atleast you will have to get your real love.Most effective then I will be able to feel free.

Maya smiled.

Manvi:Pass and inform Rishab that you simply too love him.


Maya and Kabir smiled.



Preeta was once sitting at the mattress with a dismal face.Karan sat close to her.

Karan:What came about child doll?Now the whole thing is ok.Then why are you having a look so disturbed?

Preeta:What you advised Kabir and Maya have been part baked fact,now not the entire fact.

Karan:You already know why we concealed the reality.


Preeta:Sure.However do you suppose that we will be able to stay Kabir and Maya in darkness for see you later?They’re too clever to be fooled.They’re going to to find the reality.

Karan changed into boring.

Karan:I will be able to now not permit it.


Karan:I advised you that I will be able to now not let it occur.I’m the Karan Luthra.If I come to a decision one thing,I will be able to do it.

Preeta was once tensed.



Kabir and Ruchika drank juice sharing passionate glances with every different.

Tere hathon ki taraf

Mere hathon ka safar

Rozana, rozana..


Teri aankhon se kahe

Kuch toh meri nazar

Rozana, rozana..


Rozana major sochun yehi

Kahan aaj kal major hoon lapata


Tujhe dekh toh hansne lage

Mere dard bhi kyun khamakhan

Hawaon ki tarah

Mujhe chhu ke tu guzar

Rozana, rozana..


Tere hathon ki taraf

Mere hathon ka safar

Rozana, rozana..

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Kabir-Ruchika did a romantic salsa dance with every different.


Inn aankhon se ye bata

Kitna major dekhu tujhe

Reh jaati hai kuch kami

Jitna bhi dekhu tujhe


Rozana major sochun yehi

Ke jee lungi major, saans bhi

Aise tu mujhe milta rahe agar

Rozana, rozana..


Tere hathon ki taraf

Mere hathon ka safar

Rozana, rozana..


Kabir touched Ruchika’s nostril cutely.Kabir:You might be so adorable Ruchika.

She was once smiling cutely.


He pecked her nostril making her blush.He smiled at her romantically.

Yun aa mila tu mujhe

Jaise tu mera hello hai

Aaram dil ko jo de

Woh zikr tera hello hai

Ruchika climbed onto his again and Kabir walked wearing Ruchika on his again.


Tere hathon ki taraf

Mere hathon ka safar

Rozana, rozana..

Rozana, rozana…(Naam Shabana).



Rishab and Maya checked out every different emotionally.

Rishab:You rejected me,as a result of your goal was once to kill MJ.Proper?

Maya nodded emotionally.

Rishab:We didn’t know that our not unusual enemy was once MJ.

Maya:If we had advised this to one another brazenly,we can have joined arms in combination to kill him.

MJ:Sure.However anyhow MJ is useless.Our enemy is destroyed.

Maya smiled:Sure.

Rishab:Now will you believe my proposal?Will you marry me Maya?

Maya smiled:Sure….however it’s important to suggest me with a hoop.

Rishab smiled:Positive.

(Due to my pricey pal Rehana Siraj for this edit).


They embraced every different.



Kabir rushed to fulfill Maya.She was once sipping tea.

Kabir:Maya,I were given the most important knowledge relating to MJ.

Maya:Now what’s left?

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