Tupac Shakur’s Dating History: All His Relationships So Far

Fans are lately showing concerns about Tupac Shakur’s Dating History. Before getting into the details of all of his romantic involvements, let’s have a look at some of the popular works of this rapper. 

His original name was Tupac Amaru Shakur. He was one of the most important rappers of all times. Some of his hit songs are- 2 of Amerika’s Most Wanted, Only God Can Judge Me, The Humpty Dance, So Many Tears, Only Fear of Death, Me And My Girlfriend, Shorty Wanna Be a Thug, etc. Tupac was also an actor. Some of his credits include Poetic Justice and Above The Rim. 

Tupac Shakur’s Dating History

Tupac Shakur was a well-known actor who had been in relationships with a number of high-profile women in the industry. His marriage to Keisha Morris, The Bag Man’s actress, lasted only a year. Were there any other romantic interests of his? Here is everything you are looking for about Tupac Shakur’s Dating History. 

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Kidada Jones

Talking about Tupac Shakur’s Dating History, Kidada Jones makes it to the list. Kidada Anne Jones is an actress who can play many roles. Some of her acting credits include- Quincy, Black & White, The Intern, Empire, Thicker Than Water, and a few more. You should also mention that she is a fashion designer for The Walt Disney Company. A line called Kidada is her own for Disney Couture. 

Kidada and Tupac Shakur were together for just a few months prior to his tragic death. While Keisha Morris was still his wife, the rapper met Kidada Jones for the first time. This was at a bar. After a few months, he proposed to Kidada. It was a ‘Yes’ from her side, and the dup lived together in Calabasas, California.

Kidada, who was with Tupac for four months, shared her feelings about him after his death. They both knew they didn’t want to go to Las Vegas when he was assassinated. 

Tupac Shakur, Kidada Jones

Faith Evans

According to reports, Tupac Shakur had a relationship with Faith Evans. Faith Evans is a phenomenal singer. Considering you as one of her fans, you must not miss out on some of her hit singles such as Love Like This, You Used To Love Me, Finna Get Loose, All Night Long, Between The Lines, Party On The West Coast, Bad Boy’s Been Around the World, and many more.

Have you not listened to Tupac Shakur’s song, Hit Em Up? At the same time, he said that he had shared his bed with Faith Evans. He claimed that Faith Evans shared the bed with him, but she denied this.  We wonder if the rumors are true.

Tupac Shakur's Dating History

Faith Evans and Tupac Shakur

Keisha Morris

Keisha Morris is the sole wife to the late rapper Tupac. She is a great actress, popular for portraying the character of Lisa’s pal in The Bag Man. But she hasn’t done any other film work. Keisha is also an educator.  

It was 1994 when Keisha and Tupac met at Capitol in New York. At the time, they were young. The couple got married soon after they had been dating for a while. It was short-lived, and the couple ended up divorcing in March 1996. They are still keeping the reason for their legal and official separation under wraps. They didn’t have any children. She grieved her loss and shared his grief after his death. Keisha shares a couple of children, but it’s from her other relationship and not with Tupac. 

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The entire world knows her as the “Queen Of Pop.” Madonna is majorly known for her songwriting skills and also for her visual presentation. Some of Madonna’s great musical works include- Like A Virgin, Open Your Heart, I Don’t Search I Find, Levitating, Break My Soul, Girl Gone Wild, Celebration, Turn Up The Radio, etc. 

Madonna and Tupac dated secretly in the early ’90s. But, their lovers were smart enough not to be surprised. Their relationship lasted almost 18 months. The relationship was a fling and not something serious. Why did they split up? Well, Madonna is white, and that was bad for Tupac’s gangsta-style image. It was the late rapper who dumped Madonna, shocking everyone. 

Tupac Shakur's Dating History


Whitney Houston

Another musical artist, Whitney Houston, also made the list of Tupac Shakur’s Dating History.  She was an incredible singer and was nicknamed “The Voice.” Some of her famous songs include- I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Could I Have This Kiss Forever, Saving All My Love For You, etc. 

Whitney Houston’s former husband, Bobby Brown, made it to his memoir, Every Little Step, where he claimed about her secret extramarital affair with Tupac Shakur. He also said that the two had been together since they worked together. We don’t know much about their relationship. We are left wondering what their relationship was like. It was a fling, not serious. 

Tupac Shakur's Dating History

Whitney Houston

Jada pinkett Smith

Talking about Tupac Shakur’s Dating History, the rapper was also reported to have shared a romance with Jada Pinkett Smith. Yes, she is currently Will Smith’s wife. She is also known for hosting the Red Table Talk and being a great actress. Her acting credits include Bad Moms and Angel Has Fallen, The Matrix Resurrections. The Equalizer, Return to Paradise and many others. 

Tupac Shakur met Jada Pinkett Smith at Maryland’s Baltimore School for the Arts in the 1980s. Although they were only good friends, she felt that their relationship would somehow bring Tupac to her. Yes! Jada never got along with Tupac. To prove this, she asked Tupac not to attack Will Smith. 

Tupac Shakur's Dating History

Tupac Shakur, Jada Pinkett Smith

The rapper was open and honest about his relationships. We all miss Tupac Shakur! We feel like the rapper is still with us through his songs. There are many rappers in this industry. But, we don’t believe that anyone can ever replace Tupac Shakur. 

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