Trying Season 3 Episode 8: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Trying Season 3 Episode 8 is the season finale, and it’s right around the corner. Andy Wolton’s comedy tells us whether the Judge will favor Nikki and Jason in order to keep the children. There’s a problem, however, and that’s the grandma factor, and if we add to the mix of Nikki and Jason’s financial problems, the outlook is not so good. Are we about to see a disappointing season finale or can this couple get what they want?

A series called Trying tells us about the lives of Jason and Nikki who are struggling financially and having a hard time trying to have children. Since they can’t get pregnant, they decide to adopt, but they find adoption a huge problem because of all the red tape. BBC Studios produces the series, which stars Esther Smith as well as Rafe Spall.

Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Karen and Nikki race towards a glittery party as Jason and his inlaws closely follow. Scott throws a lavish party in celebration of the publication of What a Banker, his first book. He also happens to be paying for it. The extravagant party will feature cardboard cutouts depicting Scott as a stereotypical Wall Street banker. Despite feeling completely out of place, the group attempts to blend in. Meanwhile, Nikki still avoids Jason and hasn’t forgiven him for all his expensive lies. Jason started a new job to help the family through these financial difficulties, but it wasn’t enough.

Esther Smith plays Nikki Newman, and Rafe Spall is Jason Ross

They converse on the veranda. Jason apologizes for his wrongdoings and makes an effort at defending himself. He trusted Scott, the incompetent banker, too much. He wanted to help solve problems and not make mistakes. Jason tried to get back together with Nikki but she resentful that he took these decisions without consulting him or knowing about them. This argument is unlikely to be resolved by a few magical words.

Angry Hostess

Karen, who is also the party’s host, is furious. She asks Scott about the book’s intended readership because she is unaware of the comedic elements in his writing. Karen can see through Scott’s lies despite his attempts to spin the situation in a positive light. She steps in, collects all the food and drinks, then flees the family. They get away with all the merchandise and engage in all of their usual antics.

Tyler can hear the fights between foster parents inside the home. It’s challenging, but they’re both doing their best to make things work. Jason’s friend Freddie is showering them with gifts, and to replace the wrench Tyler has grown quite attached to, Jason bought Tyler a silly little teddy bear. Tyler misunderstands Nikki’s statement that the teddy bear needs to be swapped because it is too small, thinking instead that they are discussing replacing him. The boy panicked goes upstairs to measure his height.

Nikki Fires Jen

Nikki is busy, but Jen still needs her attention. She extends an invitation to a coworker for a girl’s night in and finds it difficult to bring up the subject. Ditsy Jen fears that her girlfriend may prefer to sleep with other people, and she claims that she is depressed. Nikki instead drives her friend home, after missing the chance to do so.

Wake up!

Karen’s wake-up call inspires Scott to begin a new, more serious novel, but he cannot get past the opening sentence. Karen is able to write the book after her offer of assistance. Scott is awestruck by his wife’s support and loyalty, despite all setbacks.

Trying Season 3 Episode 8

Esther Smith is Nikki Newman


Jason leaves Nikki behind and goes to work, avoiding any serious conversations. Because the situation between their soul mates is so dire, she has to call the taxi that he uses to end the conversation. Jason and Nikki talk openly, while they sit in front of each other. Jen provides sugary treats and caffeine for the foster kids while they are conversing. Nikki discusses how the couple is breaking up while debating the veracity of Bev’s complaint. They might not be the right parents. They resolve their differences without actually speaking out and say that they are happy to be parents. The couple seems to have realized that addressing the problem may have been enough.

Nikki is on a roll and confronts Jen in an equally awkward conversation. She tells Jen to take her life more seriously and suggests that she set higher goals. It’s a very intense conversation. Jen eventually reconciles her relationship with her girlfriend and applies for a new position, even though she is dressed up for the occasion. Because of Jen’s poor parenting, Tyler’s pajamas shrink in the washer, and he rejoices because he thinks he’s grown enough that his foster parents won’t replace him. Jason finds out that the apartment was sold and that the adoption announcement would be made within one week.

Try Season 3 Trailer

Get streaming details

Apple TV+ only, you can try it. Apple TV+ is available for US$ 4,99 per month or US$ 49.99 per year. You will receive a seven-day free trial if you sign up for this OTT platform. If you buy an Apple device, three months of Apple TV+, cloud service and Apple Music are included.

Try Season 3, Episode 8 Release Date

Season 3 Episode 8 of Trying Season 3 will be available on Apple TV+ on September 8, 2022. This episode will be the last of the season. It will present a huge emotional challenge to Jason and Nikki as they try to keep the children forever. Is this a series you are following? What do you think will happen? Comment below to let us know what you think! Follow us on facebook and keep checking Otakukart regularly for updates about your favorite series.

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