Tower of God Chapter 551 Release Date: When Will The New Season Begin?

Tower of God Chapter 551 is set to be one of most anticipated chapters of all-time. It will introduce a new story arc and a brand new season. It has been several months since the series was suspended and fans are now anxiously awaiting the release of Tower of God Chapter 551, the latest installment of the series. Its controversial anime only made the series more popular. If you ask someone new to anime or manga, they’ll tell you they’ve heard of manwhas such as Solo Leveling, Tower of God, God of High School, and many more.

It’s a good sign that manwha fans are finally receiving the attention they deserve. Fans have been waiting patiently for the new season of Tower of God to begin with Chapter 551. The manwha is currently in hiatus and it will be a while before the fourth season of the series starts with Tower of God Chapter 551.

This article will provide all you need about Chapter 551 of the Tower of God. It will also tell you where it can be found and why it is being suspended. This article is worth bookmarking for future reference. Here are the latest updates regarding the Tower of God manhwa Series.

Why is the Tower of God Manwha temporarily closed?

2022 has been a good year for the fans as most of the manwha continued with their series and some were announced to have their anime adaptation like “Solo Leveling”. But, there are always ups, downs, in any industry or art. Mahwah is no different. Many other manwha, such as SSS Class Suicide Hunter, are also currently on break. Tower of God and SSS Class suicide Hunter are both on break because the series is preparing for a new season. 

Tower of God Anime

But the creator of Tower of God mentioned that there was another reason. It is to improve the creator’s physical condition. It is not a joke when we talk about the creator and writer of the series. It’s a problem every creator faces once in their lifetime. Hunter X Hunter’s author also spoke out about their physical health issues, stating that they must use a shower after using the toilet due to back pain.

As you can see, the creator of Tower of God received a lot of applause from his fans. He said that they could wait for Tower of God Chapter 551. SIU, the creator of Tower of God, has been working with the series for over 10 years and has released a total of 55 chapters. That’s quite a lot. The creator of the Tower of God is currently on an indefinite hiatus, but they certainly deserve it after having released 3 seasons back-to-back for more than a decade.

Tower of God Chapter 551 Release Date

As we mentioned, there has been no official announcement about the Tower of God Chapter 551. Creators usually give updates regarding the release of the new chapters of their series, but as you guessed it, SIU is currently enjoying their and haven’t said a word about the release of the Tower of God Chapter 551.

Tower of God Chapter 551 Release Date

Tower of God Chapter 551 Release Date

As it has been over a month since the last chapter in the series was published, we can expect the hiatus will be long. This could go on for a whole year. With a new year, there might be a new chapter in the Tower of God series. It is a good time to reread or begin reading the series, and catch up on the events before the series begins again. You can always find the Tower of God Manwha on Webtoon.

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