Top Gun Characters Then And Now, Top Gun Maverick Movie Release and Review Details

Top Gun Characters Then And Now, Top Gun Maverick Movie Release and Review Details

Top Gun Characters, Now and Then

Top Gun movie was released on May 16, 1986. The movie received mixed reviews upon its release. The film was released in many theaters and saw a forty-five percent increase in its theatrical release. Despite mixed initial reviews and criticisms, the film became a commercial smash, earning $356million against a $15 million budget. The movie maintained its popularity over the years and earned an IMAX  official 3D again released in 2013. The soundtrack to the movie is now 9x platinum certified. The film won an Academy Award and a famous Golden Globe for the “Take My Breath Away” song performed by Singer Berlin. The movie was made famous by the United States Library of Congress, who selected it for the best performance in the National Film Registry. They found it to be culturally, historically and artistically significant. To greater commercial and critical success, the sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, was released on May 27, 2022.

Top Gun Casts Now And Then

Name of the Cast  Name of Character 
Tom Cruise  Maverick 
Kelly McGillis  Charlie 
Val Kilmer  Ice 
Anthony Edwards  Goose
Tom Skerritt Viper 
Michael Ironside  Jester 
John Stockwell  Cougar 
Barry Tubb Wolfman 
Rick Rossovich  Slider 
Tim Robbins  Merlins 

Top Gun Cast Now

1. Tom Cruise

Famous Hollywood actor Thomas Cruise Mapother IV was born July 3, 1962), better known by his stage name Tom Cruise, and is an American actor and producer. This maverick movie might be the oldest member of the squad. Still, he’s looking none the worse for wear since Tom Cruise’s first debut as the best Navy pilot in the land after three Oscar awards nominations for Born on the Fourth of July movie, Jerry Maguire movie, and Magnolia movie, three Golden Globe statues, six Mission: Impossible films movie.

2. Kelly McGillis

Hollywood actress Kelly Ann McGillis was born on July 9, 1957) she is an American stage and screen actress. She played  Rachel Lapp in Witness (1985) with Harrison Ford, for which she received Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations; Charlie in Top Gun (1986) with Tom Cruise; Made in Heaven (1987) with Timothy Hutton.

3. Val Kilmer

American actor Val Kilmer has been a remarkable producer and person. The Russian-speaking audience loved him for his role in Batman. There are many more memorable roles for this actor. He was born December 31, 1959 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Val Edward Kilmer is his full name.

4. Anthony Edwards

American actor Anthony Charles Edwards was born on July 19, 1962. He is an American actor, director and producer. He is best known for his role as Dr. Mark Greene on the first eight seasons. series. He was nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards consecutively, and received six Screen Actors Guild Awards. He has appeared as Goose in Top Gun (Zodiac), Miracle Mile, Revenge of the Nerds Planes, Northern Exposure and Designated Survivor).

5. Tom Skerritt

American actor Tom Skerritt, was born August 25, 1933. He was both a leading and supporting actor, and his “outdoor looks” have improved with the passage of time. He attended famous Wayne State University, a public research university in Detroit,  and UCLA, a public land grant research university in Los Angeles. Before making his movie debut in War Hunt, 1962, Tom was first seen in “The Rainmaker” film at UCLA.

Top Gun Movie Plot

The famous actor Tom Cruise portrays Pete Mitchell, a devil-may-care navy pilot. He is sent by Cruise to Miramar Naval Air Station in order to complete advanced pilot training. He competes with Tom Kasansky played by Val Kilmer for the coveted title of “Top Gun”. Mitchell falls for civilian consultant Charlotte Blackwood, played by Kelly McGillis when he is not too busy. Mitchell is shaken by the loss of his best friend and loses the Top Gun movie award to Kasansky. Mitchell worries about his best friend. Mitchell gets a chance to motivate him during an international crisis involving a US ship that is in disarray and a number of hostile planes.

Top Gun Movie Trailer

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