Top 10 Greatest Women In The World, Check the List of Top 10 Greatest Women In The World 2022

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in the World

There have been many highly intelligent, influential, and brave women over the centuries who have paved the path for female rights and racial equality. They also helped to define fields like science, mathematics and aviation. These 12 strong women, whether they were scientists, leaders or politicians, had a profound impact on society. These women are explorers and rule-breakers. They have the qualities it takes to be role models. Continue reading for the top 10 greatest women in the world. 

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in the World

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1 Marie Curie
2 MacKenzie Scott 
3 Kamala Harris
4 Jane Austen 
5 Harriet Tubman
6 Florence Nightingale
7 Mother Teresa
8 Oprah Winfrey
9 Malala Yousafzai
10 Christine Lagarde

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in the World 2022

Marie Curie

Marie Curie (a Polish-born physicist/scientist) is credited with inventing the word “radioactivity”, discovering new elements (radium/polonium), as well as developing a compact, portable x-ray machine. Currie was the first person to be awarded two Noble Prizes (one for chemistry and one for physics), and she is the only person to have won Noble Prizes in both chemistry and physics. Currie was a male-dominated scientist in science and Physics, and she faced racism almost every day of her career. But her research continues to be important and has impacted science to this day.

MacKenzie Scott 

MacKenzie Scott was the ex-wife Jeff Bezos, who is the founder of She is an American novelist and philanthropist. She is also the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos who founded Toni Morrison was Toni Morrison’s English professor in college. After graduating, she continued to research and work with her. She received the 2006 ‘American Book Award’ for “Outstanding Literary Achievement” Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie Scott, and their professions have been very supportive. Her one-star review of Brad Stone’s book The Everything Store : Jeff Bezos & the Age of Amazon was positive because it highlighted flaws in the book she felt did not accurately portray her husband’s business. After four children, Jeff MacKenzie and MacKenzie parted ways in 2019. She supports many charities and has pledged at least half her fortune to them. Dan Jewitt, a high-school teacher, was her husband.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, a woman of color, was elected Vice President for the United States in 2021. She became the first person to hold the nation’s second highest position. Harris, who is the daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, was born during the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Harris began her professional career after being inspired and inspired by Thurgood Marshall (civil rights pioneer Supreme Court Justice). Harris identifies Marshall among her greatest inspirations in her memoir. She was a law clerk before she became the Attorney General of California in 2010. As a lawyer, she was able to defend child victims of sexual assault. She also fought against predatory for-profit organizations as California’s attorney General. She also fought for marital equal rights. They won the election in Nov 2020, making Harris the first woman president of the United States. Harris ran for the Senate in 2016, becoming the first Indian American woman and the second Black woman elected to the Senate. After she stepped out of the Democratic presidential nomination race, Harris was elected as Joe Biden’s running mate.

Jane Austen 

Jane Austen started writing as a teenager and went on to publish 6 novels about life in the late 1700s/early 1800s. Four of them were published within four years. Among them were Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. Mansfield Park and Emma were also among them. Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion were published after her passing. They are loved all over the world. She had a seventh and final novel in the works, but she never got around it finished. She published her novels anonymously while alive so that no one knew she was an author. It is common knowledge that Jane did not receive the recognition she deserved until her death. Jane is still carried around in the pockets of millions every day, just over 200 years after her passing. That’s because her visage appeared on the £10 note to commemorate the huge impact her work has had throughout the years.

Harriet Tubman

Millions of people were subject to torture from the moment the first African-American ship arrived in Virginia in the early 1600s, until the 13th Amendment was adopted in 1865. Harriet Tubman is one of those millions. She gave up her freedom many times over the years to return Maryland, where she had fled. Through her actions, she changed the course of American history. Since 1990 Harriet Tubman day has been observed in the United States. Although it is not clear when her birth occurred, historians believe that she was probably born in Maryland’s Dorchester County between 1820-1822. Harriet Green, Ben Ross, and Araminta gave her the name Araminta. During the Civil War, she served as a spy and scout in the US Army. She assisted Col. James Montgomery in the rescue of nearly 700 enslaved people during the Combahee River Raid in South Carolina. Tubman became more interested the 1890s women’s suffrage movement. Tubman died in Auburn, New York, on March 10, 1913. Because of the obvious head injuries she sustained early in her life, Tubman underwent brain surgery shortly before her passing.

Florence Nightingale

The establishment of a St. Thomas’s Hospital Nursing School in London in 1860 by “The Lady with the Lamp” is recognized as the birthplace modern nursing. She was born into a wealthy family that discouraged her from pursuing a career in nursing. Florence was her mother’s name. After moving to London to work, she received a note from Secretary of War asking her to form a team to serve in Crimea during WWII and provide care for British soldiers. This was the first formal invitation for women to join the army. When she arrived in November 1854, the army medics refused treatment. But she refused to leave the hospital and began cleaning up the shabby surroundings. She immediately put the more skilled soldiers to work cleaning up the hospital. Even Queen Victoria wrote her a letter of thanks for all she had done. Florence Nightingale changed the standard for wartime care. She went on to improve healthcare all over the world. This is a remarkable legacy.

Mother Teresa

Teresa, a Roman Catholic at the age of 12, decided that she wanted to travel to India to spread the Christian faith and help others. She traveled to India in 1929, and spent the rest of the rest of her life serving the homeless, primarily in Kolkata in India. She said that her work was “God’s work”. She also founded the charity Missionaries of Charity while she was there. Through this organization, thousands of people in around 90 countries help those below the poverty line. For her efforts, she was awarded in 1979 the Nobel Peace Prize. She asked for the cancellation of the lavish banquet that was planned to mark the occasion and that proceeds be donated towards the needs of Kolkata’s homeless. According to her, she had only two personal possessions: a bucket of water and two saris. Because of her caring and love for others, she is still honored and recognized as a Saint.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was first born in Kosciusko (Mississippi) on January 29, 1954. Her parents were not married or united during her childhood. She was born into a divorcing family. Winfrey started her career as a news anchor at the local CBS television station at age 19. After graduating in 1976 from Tennessee State University, Winfrey became a reporter for and co-anchor of the ABC News affiliate Baltimore, Maryland. Oprah Winfrey, although she has a lot of wealth, isn’t greedy and gives a large part of her fortune to those less fortunate. She is regarded as the most charitable African American. Oprah has created a number foundations and organizations that aid people in rebuilding their lives. In 1998, Oprah founded the Oprah Angel Network with the goal of making a difference in peoples’ lives. Oprah has achieved a lot as of today. At the age of 57, she owns her own network, talk show, and magazine. Oprah Winfrey is extremely popular and has a large fan base. Oprah has overcame many obstacles in her life. It is unimaginable that she was placed in such a position. Most people would give in to their own selfishness, but she was lucky enough to not. Oprah was fourteen years old when Oprah became pregnant. She was abused at 14 and was poor. But, she overcame all odds.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani girl, was born July 12, 1997. Yousafzai was the daughter of a teacher. Her father ran an all-girls school, but the Taliban overthrew it. Malala Yousafzai (15 years old) was brutally shot by a gunman while she was on her school bus in 2012. She had been openly supporting women’s education rights. Yousafzai emigrated to the United Kingdom in order to make a name for herself on the international stage. She was 17 when she won the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala is currently studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford.

Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde is a French politician and lawyer. She rose to the top in the European Central Bank’s November 2019 ranking and is well-known for her achievements. Christine Lagarde was born in a middle class family. Her father, Robert Lallouette of Rouen University English, died in November 2019. Nicole Carré, her mother, was a Catholic school literature teacher. Christine was raised in a family of language tutors. She was able to learn many languages as a youngster, including Greek, Latin and French. She started her legal career at Baker McKenzie in Chicago in 1981. After six years she was promoted as a partner. In 2005, she was appointed Minister of Commerce of France. She was Minister of Agriculture in France, then Minister of Economy, Finance, and Industry in the French government until 2011. Lagarde was named the International Monetary Fund’s managing director in 2011. Her nomination was surprising as she is not an economist and has no prior experience in monetary policy. Christine has been the European Central Bank’s first female head since November 2019.

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