TOHO Brings Back the 1978 Godzilla Animated Series’ Season 2 on YouTube

Godzilla is a popular franchise that has spanned the globe in terms of both popularity and variety. You won’t find a single person who doesn’t have a Godzilla-related pun that they are proud of.

While the newer productions of the character are fantastic pieces of action with God-level graphics, we shouldn’t forget our roots. Godzilla’s original media, including the 1954 animated series and the 1954 film, are what made it one of the most beloved franchises.

So to honor its legacy, TOHO will stream the franchise’s 1978 American-animated series, Godzilla’s second season, on YouTube from June 6, 2022.

Godzilla (1979 TV Series) // Season 02 Trailer

The trailer released for the announcement gives us a glimpse into the retro-themed animation of the series with dramatic music and Godzilla’s terrifying iconic roar. It also features the monster’s nephew Godzooky, a fan-favorite character because of his awkward moments and great comic timing.

Godzooky has always been described as weak and cowardly in comparison to Godzilla, who is a powerful and fierce Godzilla. His best friend, Pete, is a human named Pete.

Many of you know that the plot centers on a team consisting of Captain Carl Majors (the scientist), her nephew Pete Darien and Brock Borden (her research assistant).

Whenever there’s a disaster like a monster attack, the team always turns to their fire-breathing savior Godzilla, who can also shoot lasers from his eyes. If that isn’t awesome enough for you to watch (or rewatch) it, then I am definitely judging your taste in the action genre.

It’s refreshing to watch the 70’s retro animation style again, and I know this series will be a trip down memory lane for so many fans.

I can’t wait to binge the entire season now!

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About Godzilla

Godzilla’s concept was born from Ishiro Yamamoto’s 1954 film. The film TOHO featured it.

Godzilla is a monster that plagues the human race. It is nearly indestructible, and it wrecks havoc on the human race.

Each media outlet has presented the Godzilla story in a different manner and each one has had to tweak it.

Source: Godzilla Official YouTube Channel

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