Today’s ‘Canuckle’ 117 June 6, 2022 Answer – Hints and Solution

Here’s the Canuckle Answer today, along with some clues for the #117 Word, which was released June 6, 2022.

Canuckle Wordle Canada’s Canadian version. Here, all words are Canadian-themed. The rules of the game remain the same. Players need to guess the five letter word using no clues. Once a guess is made, the tiles change colour to show you if the letters you have correctly placed in the word.

Canuckle – How To Play

Only the bright red replaces the green in order to indicate that you have the correct letter at the right place. Both the yellow and grey colours indicate if the letter is in a word. A fun fact is also revealed when you guess the correct answer. You can follow their Twitter account to see more fun facts. @CanuckleGame.

We’ll be covering the answers and letting you know fun facts about the puzzle.

Canuckle 117 Hints Today – June 6, 2022

Because the word can be difficult to pronounce, we offer some tips to help you find it.

Hint 1 – Contains the letter P.
Hint 2: It begins with the letter C.
Hint 3: Today’s word has only one vowel.
Hint 4 – A small amount of something that has been removed while chopping, cutting or breaking a material like wood or stone.

What is the Canuckle-117 Answer Today? (June 6th, 2022)

Canuckle-117: The answer is:


Daily Canuckle Answer - 6th June 2022
Daily Canuckle Answer – 6th June 2022

Canuckle Fun Fact Today – (06/06/22)

Fun fact:

Canadians love potato chips! The Canadian potato chips market was worth almost $2 billion in 2020. Canada is also home to some truly Canadian original flavours – both Ketchup and All Dressed chips are almost exclusively available in Canada!

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