TheRadBrad Face Reveal, Real Name, Age, Social Medias, And Net Worth

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TheRadBrad is an American video gamer who loves playing the most recent and most popular games. He often comments on trailers or gaming footage. Colburn plays video games on his Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Colburn is also active on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Steam, Instagram and Google+. He also sells T-shirts.

 Colburn’s commenting style is very grounded, realistic, and calm. However, when under stress, Colburn can become panicky and agitated quickly. Colburn is not interested in the stories of the games he reviews, but he does evaluate and share his thoughts about the gameplay with his viewers. Colburn often, and perhaps unconsciously, acknowledges his viewers throughout his videos.

TheRadBrad’s Face Reveal

In 2013, the face of theRadBrad had already been revealed. According to Susan Wojcicki (Chief Executive Officer at YouTube), Colburn is one the “top gaming producers” on YouTube. He has been interviewed by many magazines since his debut in 2010. Illustrations in many publications have used footage and photos from his gaming videos.

TheRadBrad Real name

Bradley Lamar Colburn is TheRadBrad’s real title. VG247 (when Ubisoft, a video game producer, sent Colburn goods prior to Watch Dogs 2’s release), VentureBeat and Rolling Stone all featured Colburn. FMV Magazine has called Colburn the “King” of YouTube Walkthroughs.

TheRadBrad’s Age 

Colburn was born in Tuscaloosa on February 10, 1987. He will turn 35 in 2022. He moved to Atlanta in Georgia from 2008 to 2011 to attend Kennesaw State University. There he received a bachelor’s degree. Since then, he has moved to Atlanta where he makes YouTube videos.

His Instagram account, “tharadbrad”, currently has over 176k fans with an average of around 40,000 likes. He posts images of his dogs, announcements, selfies, photos from his life, advertising stuff and other things on his Instagram account. His Twitter account, “tharadbrad”, has over 593.1K fans and an average of around 40,000 likes. He tweets mainly promotional stuff on his account. Bradley doesn’t broadcast on Twitch very often. SocialBlade reports that he has 12.9k Twitch subscribers and 35,124 channel visits. He broadcasts content similar to what he eventually posts to YouTube.

TheRadBrad’s Net Worth 

According to various reports, his net wealth as of June 2022 was approximately $9 million. American gamer TheRadBrad enjoys playing the latest and most popular titles. Sometimes he reacts to gameplay videos and trailers. According to Susan Wojcicki the CEO of YouTube, Colburn is one “top game creators”. Since Colburn became an active YouTuber back in 2010, a lot of journalists have interrogated him. Many media outlets have used footage and imagery taken from his gameplay videos in their reporting.


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