The Woobles Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

Entrepreneurs Adrian Zhang and Justine Tiu appeared on ‘Shark Tank‘ season 14 episode 2, where they presented their product, The Woobles. The founders of The Woobles aim to make crochet easy and accessible for all ages by making it simple and accessible to everyone. People are interested in learning more about The Woobles because the product is so popular. We have the answers you need!

The Woobles: Who are they and what do they do?

Justine Tiu and Adrian Zhang met at Duke University. Adrian was studying a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering and Economics while Justine was studying for a BSE in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Moreover, Justine spent a semester abroad at the Technische Universität Berlin, where she brushed up on her knowledge of German language and literature, computer technology, statistics, and political science.

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Both of them graduated from Duke University and went on to have remarkable careers in their respective fields. Adrian started at J.P. Morgan in the role of associate, before moving on to become a Director at Deutsche Bank. Justine, on the other hand worked as an intern at Cisco Systems before moving on to become a director at Deutsche Bank. Justine also worked as a UX Designer at Google (later promoted and made a Senior UX designer). Adrian, on the other hand, has devoted his entire time to The Woobles and Justine is currently employed as a Senior User Experience Instructor at Kenzie Academy.

Although the art of crochet has been around for quite a long time, the idea for The Woobles came into Justine’s head when she wanted to make a small animal figure for her friends. It took Justine a while to master crochet. Justine discovered that crochet was easy and can be done by anyone of any age. So, in order to spread crochet throughout the USA, she thought of creating a product to teach crochet and make it enjoyable.

The Woobles is at its core a guide to making small crochet figures. Justine and Adrian have many variations of their product. The most common items in every kit include yarn balls, a 4mm crochet needle, stuffing, yarn needles, accessories, and an instructional video. Each pack is packed with a bag and cared for with the greatest of care. However, you might expect to see a variety in color and quantity with each price.

Wo are the Woobles?

It would surprise readers to learn that Adrian and Justine founded their business with just $200. The product received widespread praise and sales soared almost instantly. Within two years of the launch, Justine and Adrian had sold more than $5 million. Their determination and drive to succeed paid off, as they were featured in a number of publications and websites. In fact, sources say that Adrian and Justine were invited to ‘Shark Tank,’ after a producer came across their product in a magazine.

The Woobles come in individual packs that include different colors. Each pack allows the user to create a particular type of figure. The company also offers bundles which can be helpful if you want to get multiple crochet figures at once. Justine and Adrian also occasionally drop limited edition Woobles. We are pleased to announce that kits can now be bought from Amazon. The company made over $5 million in sales within two years. This is a clear sign that it is growing rapidly and is on track to continue its success.

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