The Vanishing Hotel of France: Was it Ever Real?

Time slips and involuntary traveling have been reported throughout history. Still, no one knows how they’re caused or if they are actual time travel incidents (or hallucinations, lies, hoaxes). Some of the most famous cases of time slips include the “Ghosts of Versailles” case of 1901, where two visitors spotted the long-dead Queen Marie Antoinette wandering through the gardens at the Palace of Versailles. But they were back in modern times just seconds later.

Another case of time travel is the disappearance of an elderly couple from Loch Ness, which is famously known for its Loch Ness Monster. The couple disappeared in the middle of 18th century. A hundred years later they were discovered at a local almshouse. Before disappearing again. There are urban legends such as the Rudolph Fentz tale, which tells the story of a man who appeared in Times Square dressed in 19th-century clothing and was nearly instantly struck by a vehicle. The strange part? The man was the same as the man who vanished 74 years ago. Is there any other instances of time-travelling in recent years? There are, it turns out.

Hotel from the past

Two couples drove through France in 1979 to get to Spain. As it grew increasingly dark, they realized they wouldn’t make it in one stretch and decided to find a place near Montelimar. They decided to explore the country and venture off the main roads. They came across a cobbled, winding road lined with old buildings and hand-drawn ads for a circus. Because it was their first experience with something similar, the couple still remembers it well.

Soon they discovered a hotel more like an inn. They decided to check in. They soon discovered that the hotel was a blast from their past. The hotel did not have any modern conveniences like lifts or telephones. There were wooden fastenings in the rooms that were different from the standard locks. Furthermore, instead of pillows on beds, there were bolsters with ancient wooden cisterns and plumbing, and the sheets on the bedspread were of calico – a cheap fabric used for linen that wasn’t used for decades. The windows were even more outmoded; they didn’t have any glass, only shutters.

A Hotel from the Early 20th Century

The couple decided to stay the night despite the oddity of the hotel. They were too exhausted and tired to search for accommodation elsewhere. But their bizarre experience was not over. When they arrived at the restaurant for breakfast the next day, they were greeted by three strangers: a woman dressed in an old-fashioned, button-button-style dress, a purse with jewels, and two French officers in pre-1901 uniforms. Though these were surprising enough, they had an even bigger shock when they decided to check out– The price was less than a tenth of what they expected the bill would be.

Although the hotel was certainly strange, the couple enjoyed their stay there and decided to return on their way from Spain. The only trouble was that they couldn’t find it anymore. Although the cobbled road and old-fashioned signs from circuses were still visible, the hotel had vanished. The hotel was gone from the face of the Earth.

Strangely enough, they were unable to find the photos they had taken inside the hotel when they created their holiday photos. Though the photographs should’ve been there in the middle of the roll, they were completely skipped over – there weren’t any blanks in the negative either. It was like the photos never existed. The hotel also had paranormal abilities that caused the camera to be messed up. The husband even underwent hypnosis in 1985 to see if he could regain any memories and to prove that he wasn’t lying. His memory was as clear as his conscience.

Did the Time Slip Really Occur

Was the Time Really Slipping?

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A Bizarre Explanation

This bizarre case continues to be a source of fascination for thousands of armchair sleuths, even decades later. Was a hotel able to time travel at all? The couple is telling the truth. So far, there hasn’t been any rational explanation for this strange incident since cases like these aren’t meant to occur in the first place. Some people argue that time slips can be a rare, but natural phenomenon.

Did the hotel really slip back in time? Or was it a prank to gain fame and attention? Although time slips have been documented in some cases, the details of each case are still heavily debated. This means that until the physicists discover a new breakthrough, it will be difficult to solve this problem for a long period of time.

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