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The Newsreader

Michael Lucas created The Newsreader, an Australian English-language television drama series. It was also written by Jonathan Gavin and Kim Ho. Emma Freeman directed it. This series is about a newsreader who worked in Australian newsrooms during the 1980s. It provides an insight into the experience as well as the news that was brought to us. The prominent roles include Anna Torv, Sam Reid and Robert Taylor. Chum Ehelepola and William McInnes are also featured. Six episodes were released as a series on the ABC Television network on August 15, 2021. Entertainment One distributed it. 

The Newsreader Cast list

Cast Characters
Anna Torv Helen Norville
Sam Reid Dale Jennings
Robert Taylor Geoff Walters
Chum Ehelepola Dennis Tibb
William McInnes Lindsay Cunningham
Chai Hansen TBA
Stephen Peacocke TBA
Maria Angelico Cheryl Ricci
Anne Charleston TBA
Maude Davey Val Jennings
Michelle Lim Davidson Noelene
Marg Downey Evelyn Walters
Jackson Tozer Ross
Mark Leonard Winter Adam
John Leary Murray
Rohan Mirchandaney Gary
Scott Johnson Stuart Tipple
Caroline Lee Jean
Stephanie Panozzo Jenny

Cast of the Newsreader

Helen Norville as Anna Torv

Anna Torv plays Helen Norville (an Australian actress). She was born in Melbourne (Victoria), Australia on 7 June 1979. Her roles in Mindhunter and Fringe are her most well-known. Her upcoming movie is The Last of Us. Anna won the Logie Awards’ Most Outstanding Actress Award in 2022.

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Dale Jennings and Sam Reid

Sam Reid plays Dale Jennings, an Australian actor who was born in New South Wales. His roles in Anonymous, Belle and The Railway Man are his most prominent. He currently appears in Interview with the Vampire. 


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Robert Taylor as Geoff Walters

Robert John Taylor plays Geoff Walters. Taylor is an Australian actor who was born in Melbourne in 1963. His most notable roles include The Matrix, Longmire, and Vertical Limit. 


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Chum Ehelepola as Dennis Tibb

Chum Ehelepola portrays Dennis Tibb who is an actor and director. He is most famous for his roles as Lodge 49, Lady Dynamite and No Activity. He currently works in the Nautilus series.

Lindsay Cunningham is William McInnes

Daryl William Mathew Gabriel McInnes (also known as William McInnes), is an Australian actor and writer for Film and Television. He was born in Redcliffe on 10 September 1963. He is best-known for his roles in The Time of Our Lives (Blue Heelers) and SeaChange. 


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The Newsreader Crew

Specifications Crew
Director Emma Freeman
Writer Michael Lucas

Jonathan Gavin

Niki Aken

Kim Ho

Cinematographer Earle Dresner
Editor Julie-Anne De Ruvo
Producers Joanna Werner

Stuart Menzies

Sally Riley

Brett Sleigh

Music Cornel Wilczek
Distributor Entertainment One

The Newsreader Trailer


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