The Most Popular Television Series In The History Of The Planet, Top 10 Most Popular Television Series Of All Time

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In the past, television was considered less important than film. Many people believe we live in the golden age television. Even though there are so many amazing shows today, television’s history is long. We are in the midst a TV golden age. Some of the most memorable TV series have been aired over the past few years, ranging from character-driven dramas to high-budget sci fi and fantasy shows with film-level production standards. Thanks to blockbuster cable channels, streaming platforms and the rise of unique shows from diverse creators, television art is at an all time high.

What are the greatest programmes? What programmes were so innovative and well-produced that they deserved to be recognized? IGN’s TV aficionados got together to find out. Here are the top 100 TV shows ever.

S.No Television Series
1 Game Of Thrones
2 Breaking Bad
3 Band Of Brothers
4 Sherlock
5 The Office
6 Friends
7 The Good Wife
8 Gilmore Girls
9 How I Met Your Mother
10 Big Little Lies

Game Of Thrones

It is the most ambitious TV programme ever created. Game of Thrones, the most expensive television series ever made, was extremely expensive. Although a fantasy story such as this wouldn’t appeal to the public, it was a huge crossover hit and broke all previous ratings records. The show also featured memorable scenes, such as the Red Wedding or the origin story about Hodor. Game of Thrones, regardless of your feelings about the final episode, was an amazing achievement and one of television’s most beloved shows.

Breaking Bad

There has never been a more carefully scripted drama in television history. Breaking Bad ensured that every scene of every episode was important and had a purpose. It lasted five seasons. Walter White, a chemistry teacher with cancer, teams up with a former student to produce and distribute meth. White became obsessed with power and was pushed to do terrible acts. This was one of my favorite character journeys. Breaking Bad maintained a high standard throughout its run.

Band Of Brothers

Band of Brothers’ scale was incredible. The HBO miniseries was ten episodes long and cost $125 million. This is comparable to a blockbuster movie. Based on the 1992 novel of the same title, the miniseries dramatized the history and struggles of an Army unit in World War II. Band of Brothers was nominated for the Emmy and Golden Globe as Best Miniseries.


Sherlock Holmes is a fictional person whose story has been told many ways. There are books, films, as well as the CBS sitcom Elementary. The BBC Sherlock, however, had the highest rating on IMDB. Each Sherlock episode is approximately 90 minutes long, so each one feels like a movie. It’s beautiful, well-acted and filled with plot twists that will keep your attention. The second series episode “The Reichenbach Fall” was well-received by critics. This sparked months worth of discussion online about the shocking finale.

The Office

Many consider The Office the best comedy series of all time. This is a valid argument considering The Office featured Steve Carell and John Krasinski as well Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson. It also had one of the most entertaining supporting casts on television.

Although it was inevitable that the show would hit some roadblocks following Carell’s departure from the program, it ended on a high note with an amazing finale and strong final season. The show is still viewed by millions every day. This is Peacock’s greatest selling point.


Friends was the most beloved television series on the planet for a long time. Millions tuned in every week to see what Rachel Ross, Joey and Chandler were up to. To the point that the cast was able join forces and negotiate contracts at unheard of levels, it was the most popular television show on the planet. Friends remains one of the most loved shows, whether it be through easy-to watch reruns or streaming. It was also a huge hit, which shows how timeless the series is.

The Good Wife

Alicia Florrick, who put her successful legal career on the shelf to support her husband’s political ambitions returns to the fight after a horrible cheating scandal in Robert King and Michelle King’s courtroom thriller. She quickly rises up the ranks at a well-respected firm, while still managing her personal life. The Good Fight is a spin-off from the original show that maintains the spirit of the original.

Gilmore Girls

Its witty, fast-paced language is what makes Gilmore Girls so special. Also, Lorelei Gilmore’s mother-daughter bond is what makes Gilmore Girls such a delight. Stars Hollow, a small village in the middle of nowhere, is where Rory and Lorelei are looking to settle down. This show focuses on eccentric characters and light dramatic tension. Although the show’s return as a series on seasonal Netflix episodes could not match its charm, it was an impressive achievement.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother, the iconic sitcom about hangouts, was updated for a new generation. HIMYM told Ted Mosby’s story through flashbacks and narrative trickery. Unreliable narrators were also used to tell the story. As best friends Lily & Marshall wed, Barney, a pick-up artist and a tough Canadian Robin, chase her own path. He spends his time wandering down romantic cul de sacs.

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies was always going a major deal, with Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon joining Shailene woodley, Zoe Kravitz, Laura Dern, and Shailene Whiteley. Its first season was a complicated, fascinating murder mystery. Based on Liane Morrisony’s book, the action moved from Australia to Monterey, California. It was so popular that the sitcom was renewed with Meryl Streep appearing as a guest star. This is a great move.

Television Series

A TV show (or simply a TV program) is content designed for television. It can be broadcast over the air, satellite, cable or cable. Television programs are often scheduled months ahead and can be found on electronic guides or other TV listings. However, streaming services allow them to be accessed at any time. A variety of production methods can be used to produce television shows, including animations, taped variety programs, and a range of cinematic projects, from feature films to TV series. Many production companies license or contract shows that are not produced in a TV studio.

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