The Lord of the Rings: Why Did Gandalf Become White?

Although Lord of the Rings has been out for more than 20 years, it is still a favourite amongst film buffs. But this phenomenal trilogy wouldn’t have been what it is without Gandalf, a man who was the heart of these movies. Gandalf, the protagonist in The Lord Of The Rings as well as The Hobbit, is both a wizard and leader of The Fellowship Of The Ring. Fellowship Of The Ring includes members of the various Free Peoples of Middle-Earth. This group, which consists of nine members, is also known by the Nine Walkers.

Gandalf is a wizard who appears halfway through the movie in white. He is an integral part the movie Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring. You may have wondered why there was such a drastic change in costumes. But, my friend, Gandalf The Grey, turning into Gandalf The White is deeper than you’d think. It’s about Gandalf returning to life as a different man. It’s about his role as this changed man that led to crowning Aragorn, which led to bigger things in the future.

So who was Gandalf really? What was his story? Gandalf was an old man with a pointed hat and a silver scarf that matched with a long grey coat and never without his long white hair. He was one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable people on Middle-Earth. He was a strong wizard, who served as an advisor, guide, and companion to all those around him. Since he was associated to fire, Narya was his ring.

Why did Gandalf become white? Cr: Otakukart

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Who is Gandalf the Grey? 

Gandalf was an immortal spirit from Valinor who could be killed. He was the One Ring holder [Ruling Ring] This could have given Sauron power over the entire Middle-Earth. He intended to destroy this ring before it got into Sauron’s hand. He sets out with a few friends and travels through Misty Mountains on his mission. He is killed in a fight with Balrog during this journey. Balrog is an evil spirit being in the underground realms of Moria.

Gandalf The White, Gandalf

Gandalf was the resurrected Gandalf. He was sent back to Valinor from Middle-Earth to complete the mission. Gandalf was Gandalf The White. He appeared as a dazzling light to three Fellowship members. He aids them to defeat the enemies and even crowns Aragorn the King Elessar. He returns to Valinor two years later. Gandalf the White wasn’t anything like his old self. This transformation made him more powerful with greater wisdom and power. He was now more reserved, cautious, funny, and harsher than ever before. He wasn’t down to the earth anymore and applied his powers more readily. This new Gandalf was frightening at its best.


Why did Gandalf become white? Cr: Otakukart

How Did Gandalf Die?

Gandalf meets a Balrog at Khazad-Dum bridge while on his mission. Durin’s Bane was a 3000 years old Balrog. He confronts the Balrog alone to help the others escape. After a brief battle, he breaks through the bridge under the Balrog. But as the Balrog falls, it wraps its whip around Gandalf’s leg, dragging him down with itself. Gandalf falls into a deep lake in Moria’s underworld. But that fight didn’t end there. Balrog died three days later. They fought for two more nights. Gandalf died too, his body lying on the peak of Durin’s Tower for nineteen days.

At this point, God Eru decided to restore Gandalf’s body so he could finish his mission. Gandalf is now Gandalf White on the mountaintop. Gwaihir transports him to Lothlorien. He is then healed and re-clothed by Galadriel in white-robed clothes. Gandalf then travels to Fangorn forest to meet Gimli, Aragorn, and Legolas, and guides them on their quest to destroy the ring.

Why did Gandalf become white?

Gandalf’s resurrecting was done by God Eru according to some theories. He did so in order to destroy the ring. Gandalf wasn’t a mortal man, but rather an angelic being disguised to appear older than he actually was. The resurrection that changed him from Gandalf Gandalf Grey to Gandalf Gandalf White, a completely new and more powerful entity, was necessary in order to destroy the ring. He was sent back to assist those who survived the mission.

We hope you are now clear of all doubts and able to sort through the many theories about Gandalf’s fate. If you haven’t already watched the movies, you can easily find them on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to watch at any moment. 

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