The Khamar Daban Incident: How it Was Never Solved

 The Soviet Union is a mysterious place, filled with the horrors of an era gone by. It was a frightening powerhouse that carried out illegal experiments comparable to those of the Nazis and the Japanese during the Second World War. The Russians did things that were comparable to what the West countries did during World War II, including the creation of the Novichok nerve agent and the Caspian Sea monster.

 However, sometimes, the state’s civilians could get caught up in these highly classified experiments. These types of incidents are quickly classified by government officials and no one will ever be able to find out about them. However, of all the thousands of cases and creepypastas posted on the Internet, one case stands out more than the rest. It is far from being solved, as it was 1993. Russians haven’t declassified any documents about the incident. This is, of course speaking about the notorious Khamar Daban Incident.

An Ambitious Hike, A Horrific Death

 Lyudmila Korovina was a skilled instructor in hiking and a true master of her craft. She had in mind a trip to the Khamar Daban Mountain Range, Siberia, Russia, during the summer 1993. Her supervision also included a group hiking companions who had been trained for the trip for several months. The team consisted of twenty-three-year-old Aleksander (Sacha) Krysin, twenty-four-year-old Tatyana Filipenko, nineteen-year-old Denis Shvachkin, seventeen-year-old Valentina (Valya) Utochenko, sixteen-year-old Viktoriya Zalesova, and a 15-year-old Timur Bapanov.

It all happened!

 The group arrived at Mount Everest on August 2, 1993. It was clear and sunny with the forecast. Lyudmila’s daughter was accompanying another team up the mountain range. The two teams had planned to follow a different route. They were to meet up at a rendezvous spot after five days.

 The group reached their first meeting point at the Retranslyator peak in good time. This was the first of the two days. On August 4, their luck started to deteriorate when a storm struck just as they were about to descend. The heavy rain made it impossible for the group to make a fire, so they camped in an exposed spot near the woods.

The Group at the Mountain Top Before Descending

The Group at the Mountain Top Before Descending

 The situation turns very dark from this point onwards. Aleksander started to bleed from his mouth and ears the moment they left camp the next morning. Lyudmila tried to save him but he died almost instantly. The shock was felt by the entire group. Aleksander was not only the most fit, but his quick death came without warning. This shocked the group to the core. Lyudmila told the group to continue down the mountain. She may have been too shocked to respond appropriately. Lyudmila’s scream was heard by the rest of the hikers, who were only a few meters away.

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 Lyudmila had also experienced similar symptoms to the group. Soon after, she was bleeding from her ears and eyes. She died shortly thereafter. Tatyana, the closest to them, ran up the slope towards the two. Instantaneously, Tatyana grabbed her throat and started bleeding from her eyes. She ran to the nearest rock, and began banging her head on it. She was dead in a few minutes. Viktoriya ran in the opposite direction, but Timur collapsed soon after and died similarly.

The Slope Where the Incident Took Place

The Slope on which the Incident took Place

Now, only Valentina was left and Denis. They ran towards the woods but Dennis started to show the same symptoms. He collapsed and died shortly thereafter. Scared out of her mind, Valentina ran deep into the forest and built a camp for herself. Valentina realized that more food was necessary if she wanted her to live. However, this meant she would have to return down to the place where her friends had perished. Valentina bravely returned to the slope, where she saw the bodies frozen. She quickly got the help she needed and ran into the forest.

Valentina followed power lines for 4 days before she finally reached the banks on the Snezhnaya River. Here, a pair kayakers discovered her. There are many theories about what happened to the group, from paranormal to alien intervention. But the most plausible explanation is that they came across something they didn’t want to. There are many theories, from Russian secret experiments to nerve agent use.

 Valentina has resisted any talk of the incident ever since. The August 1993 incident on Khamar Daban’s Siberian slopes remains unsolved.

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