The Graham Norton Show Season 30 Episode 1: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

The Graham Norton Show Season 30 Episode 1 We expect to release it soon. But when? The Graham Norton Show, which is produced by Ryan Murphy Productions and Brad Falchuk Television, is one of the most popular shows. Graham Norton is the show’s star. The first episode of “The Graham Norton Show” debuted on BBC One on February 22, 2007. There have been 29 seasons. This series has an IMDb user score of 8.4, which is a clear indication of its popularity. 

The Graham Norton Show is returning, and it will be back sooner than you may think. Graham talks with stars about their work in theatre, film, or other fields on the BBC One talk show. On Friday nights, the show features a star guest list on the famous red sofa.

Friday, February 25, 2022 was the end of the 29th season. However, the BBC has confirmed that the show is returning and that the premiere will be held soon.

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Season 30 Episode 1 of the Graham Norton Show – Release Date

BBC One will broadcast Season 30 Episode 1 of Graham Norton Show, Friday September 30. The episode will air on the channel at 10.35 pm.

Who is The Graham Norton Show’s Guest on Season 30 Episode 1:

The guests were Season 30 Episode 1: The Graham Norton Show are Hollywood scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, playing Michael Myers for the last time in Halloween Ends; Monty Python actor and comedy legend Eric Idle, Scottish great David Tennant, Lydia West, star of the acclaimed drama- It’s a Sin, and pop icon and singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera.

The Graham Norton Show Season Guests

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Where can I watch The Graham Norton Show, Season 30, Episode 1?

BBC One broadcasts The Graham Norton Show every Friday night in the UK. You can also watch the show online. Season 30 Episode 1: The Graham Norton Show The next episode will air on BBC on September 30th 2022. The BBC iPlayer allows you to view the upcoming episode live. Graham Norton is available worldwide through five approved streaming sources:

  1. Direct TV
  2. Hulu
  3. BBC America
  5. YouTube TV.

Recap of The Graham Norton Show Season 29 Final Episode

We saw Benedict Cumberbatch guest on the episode. This was the last episode in the previous season. He spoke of how the Oscars will continue to be spectacular no matter what. The other guest, Daisy Edgar-Jones, spoke about how the drag queens being dropped from RuPaul’s show is heartbreaking. Diane Morgan was also a guest and spoke about her terrible jobs.

The Graham Norton Show Season 30 Episode 1

History and Timeline of The Graham Norton Show

Before relocating to BBC One in 2009, “The Graham Norton Show” debuted on BBC Two in 2007. The premise of the show is remarkably similar to those of his earlier Channel 4 shows, “V Graham Norton” and “So Graham Norton,” in which the host focuses on the celebrity culture topics and stories that most fascinate him.

After a brief opening monologue Norton introduces two or three guests, before sometimes performing a musical performance at end of show. Since the show was moved to Mondays on BBC One (which it is), three to four new guests are added per week. Common guests include a celebrity, a comedian, and a musician.

Additionally, there is a weekly segment called “That’s All We’ve Got Time For,” in which a viewer sits in a red chair and must tell a captivating tale; if Norton becomes bored while the tale is being told, the audience member will face repercussions. Joan Rivers, Alan Bates, Gérard Depardieu, Jon Bon Jovi, Tony Curtis, Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers, Cyndi Lauper, Juliette Binoche, Robin Williams, Rod Stewart, and John Cleese are just a few of the notable celebrities that have graced Norton’s sofa throughout the years.

The Graham Norton Show Host

About the Host 

Graham Norton hosts the show. Graham Norton is an Irish comedian, presenter and actor. Known for his wordplay brand of humor and beloved as the BBC’s television commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest, he made an appearance as himself in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie in 2016 and was appointed a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK in 2019.

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