The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2 Episode 8: Release Date & Streaming Guide

The Devil is Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 8 will air this week. In 2021, The Devil Is a Part-Timer returns to Kadokawa with a second season. The main cast will reprise their roles from the last season. The Devil Is a Part-Timer, animated by 3Hz and directed by Daisuke Chikushi, features characters designed and animated chiefly by Yoshihiro Takeda (Ydai Iino). 

In episode 7, Emi meets Maou with his group to discuss all she learned about Camio. Olba tells them about the sacred sword found in Tokyo and how they will be able to rule over it. They also receive a Yesod fragment that will help them find it. Barbariccia leads these hardliners. Emi also informs Amane about a group hardliners who will soon be arriving at their location. They tell her that this is due to their unknown immense power and desire to avoid any killings. Emi defeats the Malebranche demons, led by Ciriotta. They arrive through a gate. Taking Maou’s sword, Amane trusts them to do the job correctly. 

The Devil is Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 7 Review

There doesn’t seem to be any real resolution to the plotlines this show starts, despite its appearance of having plans to do so. It bounces from one topic to the next. We got answers to these questions in the latest episode: Who is the new landlady and why does she keep changing? why is she systematically destroying Maou’s demons while giving the Demon Lord the task of looking after her holiday restaurant? Und wo are her loyalties? Many other questions went unanswered. This show’s episodes often consist of two parts. The first is a slice-of life episode about Maou, Ashia and other survivors in a world that is still alien to them. The second is a supernatural fantasy episode featuring Maou, Emilia and the beginnings of everything.

The Devil is Part Time! Season 2

Though opinions may differ, this writer prefers slice-of-life over fantasy elements, because they are what make this show stand out from other shows of its kind. The show also takes care of every character. It is difficult to enjoy the show as it is, especially when it gets too deep into its fantasy aspects. Even while Alas Ramus is a fantastic addition to the fantasy plot this season, it still falls short of a straightforward day spent with Maou and Chiho at a fake McDonald’s. Although the episode was well-reported, it was almost entirely focused on Ente Isla’s forces and how they tried to bring her down.

The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

The Devil is Part-Timer Season 2

This episode was great and moved the plot along. Olba was again blamed, which is a bit of a white whale in the show’s world. You can almost always blame Olba when things go wrong on the show. The storyline would have been better had the heroes finally gotten their hands on him (Lucifer is exempt), but regardless of what he does next, he isn’t an extremely evil villain. It’s just an unrelated random character with no connection to Emi or Maou.

Although this episode ended with nothing, it left a lot of potential for the show’s next episodes. However, the current plot was resolved in a precarious manner and there is still much to be done. Maou’s return to his roots is always nice and makes one appreciate the respect he once held, but that magic wears down every time he assumes that form and he isn’t very powerful anymore. Maou may be a sweetheart, but he sure doesn’t look like a demon king to me.

The Devil is Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 8 Date

The Devil is Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 8 will be released on 1 September 2022Thursday at 11:30PM (JST).

You can watch the Devil on Part-Time! Season 2 Episode 8

The Devil is a Part-Timer can be viewed by fans! Season 2 Episode 8 on Muse Asia’s Youtube Channel for free and Crunchyroll when it is released. You can also watch the previous episodes on Youtube. Season 2 is available on the same platforms.

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