The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

The fifth episode of ‘The Boys’ Season 3 blurs the line between heroes and villains by giving a dark turn to its characters. The Boys are faced with more difficult decisions as Soldier Boy returns. They are already divided by the events in Russia, so it is important to carefully consider their next steps. But desperate times call to desperate measures and Butcher makes some questionable decisions, all for the greater good. The episode ends with a further wedge between the Boys and Homelander, who gains power every day. This is what this all means for the future both of the Boys and the Supes.

The Boys Season 3 ‘The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies’ Recap

The Boys are left empty-handed after their return from Russia. The Boys return from Russia empty-handed, without a weapon to kill Homelanders. Soldier Boy accidentally sets off an explosion while he is on his way to America. The Boys discover that he is home and decide to locate him before he causes more destruction. MM is hesitant at first but decides it’s better to go it alone. They find the Legend who worked at Vought when Soldier Boy was still alive. He tells them Soldier Boy was looking for his girlfriend.

Vought calls Supersonic’s death a drug overdose. Starlight is distraught by it. But what Hughie says to her shocks Starlight even more. Starlight is more concerned knowing that Soldier Boy is still alive and that Hughie has temporarily taken V leaves Starlight. However, it seems that Hughie loves the powers that V-24 gives him, and readily takes it again, even when he had promised Starlight that he wouldn’t.

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Homelander takes command at Vought and Ashley becomes CEO. Homelander becomes more concerned about the company’s image and shares after hearing of a supervillain. Starlight decides she will take matters into her own hands and learns that The Deep had fired most of The Deep’s staff from the company’s criminal department. A-Train tries and gets Blue Hawk to apologize for the people he targeted due to his racist views. However, Blue Hawk turns the situation even worse, leaving a lot of people injured, including A-Train’s brother.

Maeve has a conversation with Butcher about their failed mission, and she ends up falling in love with him. Homelander confronts Maeve about her conspiracy against him back at Vought. Black Noir attacks her and she runs away. Starlight asks Ashley for help, and she finds herself in despair. Kimiko recovers from her injuries, but it looks like she doesn’t have powers anymore. Nina visits Frenchie, saying that he owes it to her after the Russia crisis. He refuses to kill her and she takes her daughter.

The Boys Season 3, Episode 5: Finale

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As expected, Soldier Boy shows up at Crimson Countess’s door, and Butcher is ready to welcome him. He roofies MM before that, which would be a strong rebuttal to his actions. Hughie is already aware of the actual plan. But things go awry when Starlight appears. Butcher planned to use Soldier Boy as a weapon to kill Homelander. Butcher has seen his power firsthand and knows that Soldier Boy can stand up against Homelander. He realizes that MM wouldn’t approve, so he decides he will drug him and then deal with it later.

Butcher informs Soldier Boy when he arrives that he has gift-wrapped Crimson Countess. In return, Butcher wants Soldier Boy help him kill Homelander. The Russians took Soldier Boy from Nicaragua after the Countess betrayed him. Worse, she didn’t even get paid for it. She did it out pure spite for him. She also tells him that it wasn’t just her. His entire team hated him so they all conspired together to get him out. Soldier Boy kills her and Butcher go home together.

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Annie is horrified by what’s happening and asks Hughie to stop following that path. Soldier Boy is no different from Homelander and Annie insists that they find a way to deal with him. Hughie, however, has already made his decision. He admits to Starlight that he loved the power that Compound V gave him and he doesn’t want to be the frail and weak Hughie that everyone needs to save. He believes that this is the best way to do it.

Clearly, he has fallen into Butcher’s pattern of making morally wrong decisions and justifying them by the ends they desire. After discovering Neuman’s secret, he realized that he had always been wrong, thinking that they could win this the right way. When things are so biased against the enemy, it seems right to ignore the rules on your side. This is why he doesn’t show more opposition to Butcher’s use of V-24, neither does he question his decision to ally with Soldier Boy.

Starlight has felt completely alone and depressed by this shift in his character. Supersonic is dead. Maeve is gone. Hughie has a different path. She doesn’t have anyone she can rely on. It is possible that Hughie will make a comeback and fix his relationship to Starlight. However, this seems like the end. MM and Starlight, regardless of what Butcher or Hughie may think, are correct in their moral policing. Although it may seem like a great idea, working with Soldier Boy could spell trouble for them in future. It will only be revealed in the next episode if they are right.

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