The Amazing Race Canada Season 8 Episode 8: Release Date & How To Watch

The eighth season of the reality television program “The Amazing Race Canada” is so much to talk about. We will be discussing The Amazing Race Canada Season 8 Episode 8 and what we know so far. Ten teams will embark on an extraordinary journey that could alter their lives for the better. Jon Montgomery, an Olympic champion, is the program’s host. The top prize consists of two Chevrolet Silverado ZR2s, a “once-in-a-lifetime” vacation around the world for two people, and a cash payment of CA$250,000.

This season’s clubs are simply outstanding. Teams quickly moved on to the following Leg, which they discovered mostly took place in Ontario’s Prince Edward County. This Leg also featured a double elimination. So, now without any further ado, let’s check out The Amazing Race Canada Season 8 Episode 8 release date.

The Amazing Race Canada Season 8 Episode 7 Review

The seventh episode of season 8, titled “What the Duck Is Going On?” premiered on August 23, 2022. It’s down to the wire as teams try to deliver the signs in the episode when they arrive in Prince Edward County, Ontario, where a surprising surprise leaves the racers reeling.

The Amazing Race Canada Season 8

The Rivalries

Beverley & Veronica vs. Franca & Nella is fun because we can directly affect rivalries. When you’re Beverly & Veronica, it becomes sensitive to be upset that the Pass wasn’t only used against you but that circumstances were changed to hurt you and you alone. It would be one thing if Franca & Nella were only trying to hold onto their advantage, but they were very obvious that they were actively going after Beverly & Veronica and no one else. Because Beverly & Veronica haven’t even won a leg all season, that’s where it feels more intimate.

It’s a race, as Franca and Nella both point out. They’re making the most of all the twists. They are motivated to chase these two, even if they know they can’t defeat them in a race. Jesse and Marika pass the following clue immediately to them, which takes them to Sandbanks Provincial Park’s Pit Stop. When Franca & Nella arrive, they instantly give their Express Pass to each other, and then the siblings start running toward Mat.


After successfully stepping onto the mat first, Jesse and Marika are awarded a trip to Geneva, Switzerland, and a $2500 Marshall’s gift card. The Filipino Sisters accept 2nd place. In the sign language challenge, Court & Ali receive a thumbs up and register as Team #6. The final two teams, Cedric & Tychon and Cassie & Jahmeek, have been eliminated.

The Amazing Race Canada Season 8 Episode 8 Synopsis

“Give Me a Moustache and Call Me Sherlock Holmes” is entitled to The Amazing Race Canada S8 Episode 8. It is clear that this episode will be insane. The teams fly to Gatineau, Quebec and Ottawa, Quebec. It is clear from the start that this game remains up for grabs. We have all the tools necessary to make sure that competition rises. Six teams remain, and each has proven itself to be a valuable competitor. It’s the fun part: Beverley and Veronica vs Franca & Nella. It’s one of the few instances on reality TV where it’s simple to see both perspectives.

The Amazing Race Canada S8

The Amazing Race Canada Season 8 Cr – CTV

The Face-Off, which is occurring in the broader Ottawa – Gatineau area, will give rivalries another opportunity to emerge. There will be many enjoyable chores, one of which will require some proficiency in French. Check out the next section for the release date for The Amazing Race Canada Season 8 episode 8.

The Amazing Race Canada Season 8 Episode 8 Released Date

The next episode is being viewed by many people who are eager to see it. The next episode will be available on August 30, 2022. The Amazing Race Canada Season 8 Episode 8, “Give Me a Moustache and Call Me Sherlock Holmes,” is scheduled to air on August 30, 2022. It will run for 44 minutes. The journey will conclude in Ontario or Quebec. You may currently stream “The Amazing Race Canada – Season 8” on CTV for free with advertisements or purchase a download of the show on Apple iTunes or Google Play Movies. This was about The Amazing Race Canada Season 8 Episode 8 Release Date.

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