That’s Amor Ending, Explained: Do Sophia and Matias End Up Together?

Netflix’s ‘That’s Amor’ is a romantic comedy film directed by Shaun Paul Piccinino (‘A California Christmas‘). It follows Sophia (Riley Dandy of ‘Interceptor‘), a young graphic designer who finds her life in shambles after losing her job and relationship on the same day. Sophia moves in with her mom and attempts to regain control over her life in a small California city. However, she quickly finds herself attracted to Matias (Isaac Gonzalez Rossi of ‘As We See It‘), a Spanish chef.

The story of Sophia and Matias’ struggles with personal issues and their love for one another is a captivating and heartwarming read. If you are looking for answers about the fate of Sophia and Matias’ romance, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘That’s Amor.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

That’s Amor Plot Synopsis

‘That’s Amor’ opens in San Francisco, where Sophia, a talented but meek graphic designer, works as an assistant. Sophia approaches her boss to ask for a promotion within the company, but she is refused. Moreover, Sophia’s boss fires her from the job as she sees Sophia unfit for the role of an assistant. Sophia, devastated, returns home to discover that Richard, her boyfriend, has been cheating on her. Sophia storms out of her apartment and tumbles down the stairs. In the process, she breaks her ankle. Sophia moved to California with Lainie, her mother, in order to heal her broken ankle.

Sophia is encouraged to leave her home by Lainie and get her life on track. However, Sophia is indifferent to her mother’s efforts and reluctant to come out of her pit. Nonetheless, Sophia agrees to join Lainie in Zumba classes, where she meets Lainie’s friend, Juilette, and learns of a cooking class. Lainie registers Sophia for the couples-themed class in a small Spanish restaurant owned by Guillermo. Sophia reluctantly enrolls in the class and meets Matias who is a charming, handsome young chef. Matias is originally from Spain and recently arrived in California to help his uncle.

Sophia is initially rude and withdrawing towards Matias. Matias attempts to help Sophia around while she recovers from her ankle injury. But Sophia and Matias quickly form a friendship and begin to feel attracted. Sophia discovers that Matias is having an affair with Irina, a Spanish social media model. He treats her poorly. Sophia asks Matias on a date and they share a kiss. Sophia needs to get her life in order before she can fully commit to Matias who will soon be returning to Spain. The complications lead to an interesting turn of events raising questions over Sophia and Matias’ romance.

That’s Amor Ending: Do Sophia and Matias End Up Together?

Sophia and Matias get to know each other better as the story continues. As the story progresses, Sophia and Matias become closer. Sophia also explains her situation to Matias. Meanwhile, Sophia’s ex-boyfriend, Richard, returns to her life and apologizes. Sophia must now consider reconciling with Richard. Matias is distracted by Irina’s arrival in town. Sophia must decide between her feelings towards Matias or Richard. Sophia discovers from her time with Matias that happiness is her priority. Sophia should restore her life before she commits to either man.

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Moreover, Sophia does not want to be the third person in Matias and Irina’s relationship, as a third person has destroyed her own relationship. Sophia leaves Richard after realizing that she can’t trust her ex. Sophia makes a decision to make her own decisions after a conversation she had with Olivia. Richard would make the life decisions for her. Hence, Sophia decides to pursue a Master’s degree in Graphic Design, finally overcoming her breakup and moving on.

In the film’s final act, Sophia learns from Viviana that Matias has broken up with Irina and is returning to Spain. Sophia decides to pursue Matias. Sophia follows him to the airport where she confesses her love and affection for Matias. Sophia reveals that she is moving to Madrid for her Master’s degree. Matias and Sophia share a kiss that takes their relationship to the next level. After making plans to live in Spain together, they return home.

Sophia and Matias are happy to have a gathering with their friends and family. The couple participates in a Spanish ritual, which symbolizes the future. This ritual shows that Sophia and Matias have become more committed to one another and are ready to face any challenges the future may bring. The couple’s happiness is also evident in the ending. Sophia and Matias have learned to be more kind and compassionate to each other through their relationship. Their relationship is characterized by a natural aspect of self-love, which allows them to love each other without fear. The movie ends with Sophia and Matias making a new start in their lives.

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