‘Teppen—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Anime Teases Opening Song by Main Cast in Trailer

Do you want some manzai comedy that will get you up and dancing? If yes, then the upcoming Teppen—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best way to go is anime.

This story mixes traditional Japanese comedy with high-school girl units that create routines to compete against each other. It is a show that will break all your stereotypes about female comedians and provides you with laughs that don’t harm or offend anyone.

Teppen—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anime’s new promotional video gives us a glimpse into the world of manzai or double-act comedy, and the various high school groups that participate in it. The show will premiere on July 2, 2022.

The trailer previews the anime’s opening theme song, ‘Teppen— Tengoku ~TOP OF THE LAUGH!!!~’ by Teppen— All Stars, a unit consisting of the fifteen main cast members. It also teases the ending theme song ‘Ahatte Teppen’ by May’n.

TV anime “Teppen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” main PV

Bushiroad’s video introduces us to all the comic trio units: Young Wai-wai, Celebri-Tea, Akudare О̄koku, Shinryakusha, and Dangan Kunoichi. Yayoi Samoto, Yomogi Takahashi and Yuzu Hisono are the focus groups of Young Waiwai.

Instead of a double-act, the anime gives us groups of three people performing manzai with two ‘funny men’ or ‘boke’ and one ‘straight man’ or ‘tsukkomi.’ The act is a basic one where the boke does and says funny stuff while the tsukkomi remains expressionless, giving the audience some hilarious instances to laugh on.

Yayoi is a huge fan of comedy acts and comedians, even going so far as to form her own duo together with Yomogi as children. Yayoi, who was passionate about comedy, enrolled at Kazuki High School Nanba.

There she reunites with Yomogi and brings back their comic duo ‘Konamonzu.’ The pair starts to perform routines at the park again like they used to and are later joined by Yuzu, who’s a transfer student and likes to write comedy scripts.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to the kinds of jokes they come up with for all the different groups and their styles.

I think the anime looks great and is very promising.

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About Teppen—!!!

Teppen—!!! This manga is a coming of age manga, written by Inujun and illustrated in Namamugi. It was published in Monthly Bushiroad on January 20, 2021. The manga is inspired by the voice actress unit Seiyū San-Shimai Team Y formed by Mikoi Sasaki, Aimi, and Ayasa Itō.

The story revolves around an aspiring comedian Yayoi Sakamoto who enrolls in Nanba’s Kazuki High School. Yayoi is reunited with Yomogi Takahashi her childhood friend and soon they encounter a mysterious girl seeking their help.

Source: Bushiroad’s Official YouTube Channel

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