Temptation Island Season 3 Where Are They Now?

Season 3 of Temptation Island

Temptation Island is a Fox/USA Network reality TV show that features a variety of couples who live with a group of people of opposite sexes to test their relationships. It is based upon Endemol’s Dutch TV series Blind Vertrouwen (translated to Blind Faith) and has been adopted in many countries. After nearly two years of hiatus, the third season of the sitcom aired on August 28,2003. Season 3 received worse ratings than Season 2.

Season 3 Contestants of Temptation Island

1 Thomas and Chelsea 
2 Erica and Kendal
3 Erin and Corey
4 Kristen und Julian 

Temptation Islands Season 3 Where Are They Now

1. Thomas and Chelsea


Before appearing on Temptation Island’s reality television show, Thomas and Chelsea had been together for a year. Their relationship was not perfect. They broke many rules and even kissed each other on the show. They both agreed to stay together and work through their problems. 

2. Erica and Kendal


After almost two and a quarter years of dating, Erica felt that her partner was “the one” for herself. Kendal, on the other hand was unsure if his partner could manage his busy schedule. Erica brought them to the Island to prove that they couldn’t get much worse. But, Erica was heartbroken. Kendal cheated on Erica instead of being ready for a peaceful life with his partner.

3. Erin and Corey


Erin and Corey have been married for over a year. They came to the series to work through their relationship issues. They realized they could have been everything they needed together and never fell apart as they grew older. After the reunion episode, it became clear that Corey had lied about keeping in touch with Amanda, a fellow Islander. The couple then split. 

4. Kristen und Julian


Kristen and Julian from New Jersey were most stable in season 3. They have been high school sweethearts for 11 years. Kristen and Julian have left the island together and are engaged to be married now, despite uncomfortable passing statements from both parties and hesitations that made it seem they were going nowhere.

Temptation Island Season 3: Who Are Still Together?

Kristen und Julian

The couple became engaged during the show. Julian shared a video by Temptation Island to Instagram and proposed to Kristen. Kristen responded with tears and said, “A thousand times yes Julian.” Their fans are eagerly awaiting the moment. The couple plans to tie the knot in July 2022. Kristen Ramos and Julian Allen, her sweetheart, have been together since highschool. They took part in the show to test their relationship. Kristen was disappointed by Julian’s infidelities, but she refused to end their 11-year-old relationship.

Thomas and Chelsea

Thomas and Chelsea have made wonderful connections with other islanders, and the couple will still be together at the last bonfire. They decided to stay together at their reunion episode and things are going well between them. Lovebirds, Chelsea, who has been dating Thomas for over a decade, decided to take part in the reunion episode to put their relationship to the ultimate test. They soon found themselves in conflict over interpersonal issues like trustworthiness, loyalty, and trustworthiness.

Season 3 Breakup at Temptation Island

Erica and Kendal

Kendal was seen sharing a bed with two women and Erica was not impressed by her partner’s behavior. Erica decided to leave the show and Kendal quickly left with Alexcys Horman. Erica and Kendal have been together for almost two years. Their relationship has been turbulent and the show brought out their worst fears. Erica fell in love with Kendal but her boyfriend believed she wouldn’t be capable of adapting to Kendal’s way of living.

Erin and Corey

 Erin and Corey were together when they left Temptation Island, but when normal life resumed, they found themselves in the same predicaments they were before. While Corey expressed his desire that their relationship would work, Erin said, “I must step aside.””Starting from relationship concerns, Erin with her partner Corey seemed to have almost solved all of their problems on the episode. However, things went awry after Corey admitted to Erin that he had lied to Erin about Amanda Spain Butts, another participant he still has contact with. This led to their breakup.

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