Is Taxi Driver Season 2 Release Date Announced Or Not?

Is Taxi Driver Season 2 Release Date Announced Or Not?

These days, thrillers, action and mystery Korean drama are at their highest. We’ve seen many of these thriller k-dramas. Not all k-drama has the ability to make an impact on the audience. The 2021 Thriller and action kdrama Taxi drive was premiered on April 9, 2021. It is based on the 2020 Korean manhwa The Deluxe Taxi, by Carlos and Lee Jaejin. The drama became a big hit after the series premiere. Every k-drama lover was hooked on it last year. My drama list shows that 31K viewers have viewed it and gave it an 8.8 rating on the platform. Kim Do Gi is a taxi driver who seeks revenge on those who don’t get legal help. Although they operate the taxi service, the real purpose of the rainbow taxi is to serve justice to those who have lost all hope and are unable to find help elsewhere.

Taxi Driver Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Taxi driver was broadcast on April 9, 2021. There were 16 episodes. Most Korean dramas finish with season 1. In a 16-episode drama, the makers cover everything. Season 2 will not leave much to explore. The thriller-action drama Taxi Driver is based upon a manhwa so the story can continue even after the first season.
While the official release date has not been confirmed by the producers, the script reading took places on June 12. The drama will return in the first part of next year.

Release Date: Taxi Driver Season 1 April 9, 2021
Season 2 of Taxi Driver is out Not Announced
Season 2 of Taxi Driver is out

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Season 2 Episode of Taxi Driver

In the final season, viewers were introduced the all-star team of the rainbow taxi service. They showed how they took revenge against Cho Do Chul who committed many heinous acts against minors and was released from prison. Cho Do-Chul was being released when the taxi driver arrived. A hacker girl was following the taxi as it drove, and she gave the taxi driver directions. The taxi driver then takes Cho Do-Chul to a tunnel he then ties the criminal, in the tunnel, another taxi was waiting for the criminal to arrive he then handovers Cho Do-Chul’s bag to another taxi driver and the taxi driver then leaves the tunnel without any commotion.

The drama shows us how Kim Do Gi operates a taxi service during the day, and is a social worker who provides justice to victims. K-dramas show the injustice of the victims. While criminals can freely roam outside, the taxi service provides justice for the victims who are suffering psychologically and physically due to their perpetrators. Taxi service not only punishes those guilty but also gives justice to victims. It does what is necessary to restore peace to society.

Season 2 of Taxi Driver

The cast has been confirmed by the producers. All five members of Rainbow Taxi’s Rainbow Taxi team gathered for the script reading session. It was confirmed that they will continue their roles in season 2. Esom, who played Kang Ha Na in the first season, is not expected to be involved in season 2, according to rumours. Season 2 will feature the same main characters as season 1. Ahn Go Eun, Jang Sung Cheol and Kim Eui Sung will all reprise their roles. Jang Hyuk Jin (supporting characters) will also return to season 2.

Watch the second season of Taxi Driver online

The first season is available to stream on Viki, Kocowa, and Netflix. The second season of the series will most likely be available for streaming on Netflix once it’s released. It is also available to stream on Viki, Netflix and Kocowa.

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