Tale of Princess ft Queens of Mahabharat – Epi 4

Episode 4

Scene 1

Dadisa comes to fulfill Draupadi.

Draupadi: Dadisa, the place is Govindh?

Dadisa: He’s together with your father and brother discussing at the management.

Draupadi: Ok, I’m now not feeling nicely. My center isn’t solid. I’ll cross to the temple and are available.

Dadisa: That is marriage ceremony jitters. Pass and chill out within the temple. The entirety will probably be solved.

Draupadi is of the same opinion and leaves for to temple.

In the meantime, a saint throws vegetation at Krishna who’s status within the lawn and discussing the state. He turns and appears at him and smiles. He excuses himself from Durpad and Dhri and springs to speak with the saint.

Krishna: Parth…

Arjun: Govindh…

Krishna: What are you doing right here?

Arjun: I got here to peer Draupadi.

Krishna: What?

Arjun: Sure, I were given curious to peer her. So idea to prevent right here whilst going to Hastinapur.

Krishna smiles.

Krishna: Nice, she went to the temple. Pass and spot her there.

Arjun thank you him and leaves.

He is going to the temple and sees Draupadi’s carriage coming. He stands a ways and eagerly ready to peer her face.

She will get down from the carriage and he sees her from her toes after which faces her. He will get mesmerized seeing her attractiveness. He follows her. She prays to God and leaves. Whilst leaving, they each have a watch lock. Draupadi feels an quick appeal towards him. Simply then she is stooped by way of an astrologer lady. Arjun additionally stands at the back of them and listens to their communicate.

Astrologer: Lengthy reside our princess.

Draupadi greets her. The girl starts to peer her palm and predicts.

Astrologer: My expensive princess, you’re going to be a queen quickly.

Each Draupadi and Arjun get stunned to listen to this.

Draupadi: However…

Astrologer: You are going to be praised and hailed because the queen. As a result of you, all of the womanhood will probably be lifted. You’re the signal of purity. Your son will rule this complete global.

Draupadi thank you her and leaves in a confusion. She thinks about Arjun and Karn and in addition in regards to the woman’s prediction.

She sits along with her pal and speaks about each. Arjun listens to that.

Draupadi: If I marry Arjun, I gained’t be the queen but when I marry Karn, I’ll be the queen. However…

She thinks of Arjun and Karn….

Arjun will get harm listening to about Karn and he leaves with out listening to totally.

Draupadi: However everyone seems to be telling me to marry Arjun and I think I were given attracted in opposition to him on the first sight. However on Karn, I feel I’m attracted handiest because of sympathy. So, I’ve made my choice. I’ll marry Arjun.

She blushes and smiles.

Scene 2

Bhanu involves Karn’s palace and sees him with Duryodhan.

Karn: What a marvel! It’s essential have knowledgeable me to return over there.

Bhanu: I want to communicate to you about one thing essential.

Karn: Sure, inform me.

Duryodhan is clueless.

Bhanu: I do know you might have nice admire for me. However sorry for hurting your emotions. I’m ordering you to not attend Draupadi’s suyamwar subsequent week.

Karn is bowled over.

Duryodhan: Bhanu, what are you talking?

Bhanu: I’m now not telling you. I’m ordering you. For those who in point of fact deal with me as your sister, then please concentrate to me.

Karn then is of the same opinion. Duryodhan will get stunned.

Duryodhan: However you began to love her.

Karn: I don’t wish to harm my sister for some lady whom I slightly know. I would like my sister to feel free.

Bhanu smiles and thank you him. She leaves. Duryodhan additionally takes go away from Karn and follows her. Karn will get unhappy and cries.

Duryodhan involves Bhanu’s room and holds her hand.

Duryodhan: What came about?

Bhanu cries.

Bhanu: I think dangerous. I feel I did incorrect. But when I didn’t do that, then Vrushali would have taken drastic steps.

Duryodhan is perplexed.

Duryodhan: Please inform me obviously.

She tells him about Vrushali’s love.

Bhanu: Vrushali beloved him from the day when he had not anything. She didn’t love him after he become king. Now if he marries Draupadi, it’ll purely rely on his king standing.  In step with me, Vrushali’s love is larger.

Duryodhan is of the same opinion.

Duryodhan: Sure, I do know the sensation of affection. Even I abducted you within the title of affection. However Vrushali’s love is larger than Karn’s love. So, I’m supporting you.

Bhanu: Thanks Aryaputr.

Scene 3

The Kingdom of Kashi is proven.

Satyavati is going to fulfill the king with Ambalika and Ambika.

The king welcomes them. She sees his daughter Valandhara and will get inspired along with her.

She is a gorgeous diva. An excessive amount of purity and innocence on her face. She greets and respects the elders. Ambika and Ambalika praises her.

Satyavati: Daughters of Kashi are at all times gorgeous and feature a just right center. She praises her daughters-in-law too.

After someday,

Satyavati: Maharaj, I’ve a wedding proposal to your daughter. Will you settle for it?

The king and queen are stunned and glad. Ambika and Ambalika are stunned.

Satyavati: Will you marry Valandhara to our prince Bhim?

Valandhara additionally hears this and will get shy. She blushes listening to Bhim. She runs within. Everybody notices that and smiles.

Ambalika: However Mataji…

King: We’re utterly blessed to listen to this. We’re so glad. However Bhim is already married to a lady within the Raksha extended family.

Satyavati: Sure, however we haven’t authorized her as our daughter-in-law and he or she is staying within the wooded area. Bhim visits her just a week a 12 months. Your daughter will probably be his consort and our daughter-in-law.

King and queen get glad listening to this. They agree.

Satyavati will get glad.

Satyavati: Good enough, I’ll include the correct proposal from Hastinapur. I’ll take a go away now.

Whilst leaving she is going to Valandhara and blesses her. She provides a portrait of Bhim and he or she will get glad and blushes.

Satyavati leaves.

Ambalika: Mataji, Bhim gained’t settle for this and love her. She will probably be dejected.

Satyavati: I know the way to make him agree and after marriage, each spouse has the power to make her husband love her. And have a look at her, how gorgeous she is. Bhim will indisputably love her. Come let’s cross.

Ambalika fears Bhim’s anger and thinks about what to do…

Scene 4

Srilanka is proven…

A princess is proven sitting in her room and admiring a prince’s portrait.

Her pal comes.

Good friend: Puravi, what are you doing?

Puravi is the princess of Srilanka and he or she has emotions for Yudhisthr. She is a gorgeous younger woman who’s of desires of her long term husband and a woman who’s a well-trained warrior. She is clever and wonderful with brains.

10 2

Puravi: I’m talking with my long term husband.

Good friend: Do you suppose will the king comply with this?

Puravi: I do know to persuade my brother. After the warfare will get over, I’ll ask Arjun to take me with him.

Good friend: How did you fall for him even with out seeing him?

Puravi: I noticed him as soon as he got here right here. I painted this image. I fell in love with him seeing his nature together with his squaddies. How calm and composed he’s. He’s the epitome of Dharm. Even he noticed me and smiled. At that second, we exchanged our hearts. I do know he may also be pondering of me.

In the meantime, in Hastinapur, Yudhistr additionally sits pondering of the woman whom he noticed in Srilanka and smiles. He imagines her snoozing close to him in his mattress. He smiles and blushes…



Kunti will get to understand in regards to the dating of Nakhul and Sahadev.

Satyavati pronounces her choice to Bhim to get married to Valandhara after Arjun’s marriage ceremony.

Arjun cries pondering of Draupadi and comes to a decision to not attend the suyamwar.

Devika feels unhappy as Yudhishtr isn’t spending time along with her.

Draupadi’s suyamwar arrangements get started.

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