The 10 Strongest Super Saiyan Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Z has been around for a long time. From being a story based upon the Monkey King Sun Wukong to turning into a story intergalactic combat, aliens and whatnot gods, Dragon Ball Z has been there.

Dragon Ball over all these years has provided us with many great characters. Since this series is based upon action and fighting, some of these characters have been very strong. Especially among the Saiyan race to which Goku or Vegeta belonged, they are at the top.

Today we will list the strongest super saiyans, up to dragon ball super.

Super Saiyan Dragon Ball is the strongest

  • Goten
  • Trunks
  • Cabba
  • Caulifa
  • Kale
  • Future Trunks
  • Gohan
  • Broly
  • Vegeta
  • Goku


In terms of battle experience and real-life battle both Goten and Trunks don’t have much experience but since they have the blood of Saiyan going through their body they are born warriors.

Goten, the son of Goku, is a fighter and we all know that he would love a good fight. We also see that Goten could have taken some of his fighting genes so Goten can transform into a Saiyan at this stage.

They had also been trained by their brother Gohan, the warrior of earth, so that he can defeat any other warrior who is from the earth.



Trunks is the same, but Goten for Trunks has a different story. We all know that his father Vegeta is always training his son whenever he is there.

Trunks are capable of putting pressure on many dbz fighters even at an early age. Vegeta was shocked to see Trunks transform into Super Saiyan and give Vegeta a good fight.



Cabba, now universe 6, is here even though he has just learned of the super Saiyan ability inside him through the fight with Vegeta. He is on the lower level because he is on super Saiyan 1. This means that he does not seem to be an individual who is interested to fight to see his muscles.

Saiyan, a race made up of warriors, is only now capable of using his Saiyan powers. However, he has the potential to grow and evolve.



Caulifa is the Saiyan warrior who came from universe 6. She was eager to fight, and she loved to defeat stronger opponents. This can be seen in her personality.

During Goku’s fight, she was able to use the super Saiyan 2 form. Her power growth in terms of universe 6 Saiyan is immense.

She is somewhat very similar in nature to Goku who loves a good fight and is not evil by heart and also who doesn’t think before doing.

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Future Trunks


Future Trunks are from the future and were sent to Z warriors to report on something dangerous. First, we see future trunks from Android Saga. They were sent to Earth by Goku to give him an antidote. That way, he could stop a deadly disease.

Trunks was second seen in Future Trunks Saga, Dragon Ball Super’s Black Goku. Gohan is a highly skilled fighter. Vegeta was proud of his appearance and power.



Gohan had previously trained alit with his dad. Piccolo was his first opportunity to demonstrate his potential. He was the one who defeated Cell. Although he was close to or ahead of Vegeta and Goku, his senses had become much more duller after he had stopped his training.

He is not weak, even though he has defeated many strong opponents in the tournament of power. He was able to defeat many strong opponents at the tournament of power, and he proved that if his training is continued, he can surpass Vegeta or Goku.


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Kale is the universe six version of Broly. When she is in her base form, she is shy and timid. But when she transforms into her Saiyan-form, she becomes completely Berserk.

She doesn’t have any control over her powers and she becomes the hulk of Dragon ball . She attacks anyone in her team, including any building mountain. She was able to fight Goku in the ss3 form.

She could be the legendary super Saiyan in universe 3 and may have had Broly’s blood flowing through her veins.



The legendary super Saiyan Broly, who didn’t need to become canon, is now our next subject. In the movie, we saw that Broly was able to defeat Vegeta and Goku in his Saiyan form until they fused into Gogeta. Vegeta and Goku would need the dragon ball again to revive them and bring them back from the grave if they failed to fuse on time.


Vegeta is a character that was designed to fight and beat Goku. He has a lot to offer thanks to his experience in the series.

Vegeta’s power has changed a lot from being a murderer to being a caring father. Goku, with his Plot armor, is the only one who can keep up with him for this long.



Goku is the adorable little character that came into our lives as a cute little child who didn’t know any difference between a male or female. He became a god of his race by becoming a god.

Goku has had to face many strong opponents in his life. He was defeated every time, but he kept getting stronger. Now, he is a god that even the gods devastation fear because of his ultra instinct.

It has been rare for anyone to master ultra instinct, not even beerus. But if Goku can master it in his base form, then he will be a character that no one else in his universe could ever defeat.

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