Spy x Family Episode 14 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the fourteenth episode of ‘Spy x Family‘ titled ‘Disarm the Time Bomb,’ Anya reads the mind of the white esper dog to learn that Loid will die in a blast if she does not do anything to save him. As time runs out, the Westalis spy team is on the run to save the life Foreign Minister. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Spy x Family’ episode 14. SPOILERS Ahead!!

Spy x Family Episode 14, Recap

Yor kills one terrorist and turns her attention towards Keith. Keith decides not to face her but to flee. She realizes that she can’t run after such a dangerous man while she is with Anya. She calls the authorities to alert them so that he can be arrested as soon possible.

Anya, however, is able to read the mind of the white-esper dog and sees a future vision in which Loid will die in a blast. She realizes that she must spring into action before it’s too late. However, if she tries to tell her mother about the dog’s ability to see the future, she risks getting exposed for having mind-reading powers in the process.

The Westalis spies also manage to find a few terrorists. They refuse to speak up or give any information when they’re questioned. Keith is standing at a distance and sees all the drama unfold. He realizes that the whole assassination plot is on his shoulders. He must kill the Foreign Minister.

Spy x Family Episode 14 Finale: Can Anya Save her Father and Change the Future?

Soon after realizing that Loid’s life is in danger, Anya springs into action. She could not afford to tell Yor about her telepathic powers or the white dog’s ability to see the future. While her mother alerts authorities, she hides behind the dog and flees. They recall the visions of tomorrow and reach the clock tower to witness the explosion. Anaya is aware that the bomb will explode in thirty minutes. She must save her father by doing something within that time.

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Anya wanders through the neighborhood and comes across Keith with one of his bomb-equipped dogs. He has also set up a bomb inside one of the rooms, which will explode when the door is opened. Anya and her white esper canine friend find the room. Anya enters the room through a window. She soon realizes that the bomb is impossible to diffuse.

But her eyes soon catch a container of ketchup. She comes up with an intriguing plan. Loid and some other spies arrive at the location just minutes later. Anya waits outside, anticipating the arrival of Loid and other spies. However, they discover a message on the door warning them not to open it. Loid stops one of the spies from turning the knob. Soon he realizes that the bomb was a terrorist setup and he leaves it to the secret police to take care of the bomb while escaping with his friends to save the Foreign Ministry.

Are Loid and Other WISE Spies able to save the Foreign Minister How can they outsmart the terrorist?

While the Foreign Minister is getting ready for the important occasion, he hears someone knock on his front door. Moments later he emerges from his room and to everyone’s surprise leave by driving the car on his own. Keith is waiting to spot him as he drives the car on the right street. Naturally, the terrorist mastermind follows his car. Meanwhile, Loid’s other spies see Keith and chase him.

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As their cars go parallel to each other, one of them attempts shooting the terrorist. But he somehow misses his multiple shots at him. Keith quickly responds and uses a hand bomb to stop the spies following him. They survive the blast but the spies are unable to follow them anymore. Soon Keith discovers the car is abandoned by the Foreign Minister, and he sees him running off on foot.

Loid immediately dispatches the dog with a bomb and a trained handler to kill him. Loid expects the dog would catch up to him soon but is surprised to see the old man jump from one wall after another in an attempt to save his own life. Loid eventually leads him to an alleyway where he takes off his mask, revealing that he had been disguised all along as the Foreign Minister.

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