Spy x Family: Does Yuri find out Loid’s true identity?

Spy x Family: Does Yuri find out Loid’s true identity?

Ten episodes in and Spy x Family has remained the dominant anime show. People just can’t seem to get enough of the show – and with good reason!

The series is driven by the characters and their relationships. The bond between the Forger families is growing stronger. As new characters enter the picture and continue to share their secrets, things get a lot more serious.

This page contains spoilers of Spy x Family.

Two episodes ago, Yor’s brother Yuri Briar was introduced to the cast and his presence quickly added tension to Loid, Yor, and Anya’s situation.

Yuri is a threat to Loid’s mission – professional and familialLoid is actively trying to mislead and deceive him in episodes 8-9.

1. But, does Yuri discover that Loid is secretly a spy?”

As of the latest manga chapter, Yuri does not find out about Loid’s true identity as Twilight. Yuri, the anime’s main character, interrogates Loid over dinner. But not because he wants information about Loid as a spy.

Yuri won’t find out about Loid’s secret just yet, in the manga nor the anime, although the confrontation is inevitable in the future.

2. Future Interactions between Loid and Yuri at the Manga

Loid is close to Yuri, regardless of whether or not they want it. Yuri Briar, aged 20, is Yor’s younger brother. Yor believes that Yuri is a diplomat at Ministry for Foreign Affairs. However, he quit that job a year back.

He is Actually, a counterintelligence agent for State Security ServiceAlternatively, the SSS member who hides as a civil servant in order to conceal his identity.

The WISE’s rival is SSS.Loid is employed by. Yuri’s job is hunting down Westalian spies, which makes him Loid’s natural enemy.

In the manga, Yuri is out to prove that Loid and Yor’s marriage is a sham, while Loid is paranoid about Yuri using his SSS skills to uncover his multiple secrets.

Yuri encounters Loid/Twilight in the Doggy Crisis Arc once. However, Twilight is disguised and manages not to be seen.

Yuri still dislikes Loid and wants his sister to leave the relationship.

3. Does Yuri hate Loid?

Yuri has made it clear that he doesn’t like Loid. It has nothing to do whatsoever with their respective professional occupations.

Yuri lives in a sister complex, commonly abbreviated as “siscon”. Yor and Yuri grew together and became one another’s world. Yuri will do whatever it takes to protect his sister and to get rid of any threat that he considers to her.

Yor wanted to marry Loid because of the secrecy of her job as an assassin. Loid also wanted Yor to marry him to help his mission.

Yor couldn’t tell her brother about her betrothal. Yuri finds out – over a phone call no less – that his sister is not only married, but has been married for a year without his knowledge. He is furious at this.

Loid is the reason he hates. he doesn’t think Loid is good enough 2) Loid thinks Yor has fooled him into marrying her.

This is the reason episode 8 addresses. He demands that Yor and Loid share a kiss to prove that they are a real couple. Yuri takes control of the situation and lunges at them to stop them before they can.

4. Does Loid know about Yuri’s identity?

Loid knows that Yuri works in the State Security Service.

Yuri uses a common story templates given to Ostanian intelligence agent to create details about a cover or alibi. Loid, who works as an agent, is well aware that Yuri’s tale is false.He speculates that he is working for the SSS.

Yuri is who Is there an alcohol problemHe loses control over his faculties due to excessive wine consumption. He is acting suspiciously when he is asked about his work. Loid was already wary of Yuri’s job as a diplomat because he thought it’s one step away from espionage.

But when? Yuri starts talking about his “work trip” to HungaryLoid continues to question him in an effort to confirm his suspicions.

Yuri practically tells Loid that he’s a counterintelligence agent. He mentions a famous café in the capital city of Obda, Hungaria, that used to be the Emperess’s favorite café in olden times. Loid eggs him on, saying that he had visited the same café while there as a medical student.

They discuss Kalpatia, a restaurant run by an elderly man. Loid then asks Yuri if the wine he brought to their home was also from Kalpatia.

Yuri corroborates this by claiming that he purchased it at a Hedger Street shop. Loid intelligently worries about the cost of the item. Yuri estimates that it costs around 200 dalc.

Loid is well-equipped. He is familiar with the cover story from Ostanian manual intended for officials who are supposed to be undercover. He also thinks about the fact the manual’s details are out of date.

Yuri does not know what Loid knows about her identity..

Loid would like to keep Yuri within his circle So he knows what domestic counterintelligence units do, and that he, a WISE agent is always one step ahead.

5. How will Yuri find out about Loid’s identity?

Yuri is a top official in the SSSThe rank of 2 was achieved.nd In a short time, lieutenant. His bosses are aware he’s great at interrogation and detecting things and people, and doesn’t shy away from using rough means to get what he needs.

The SSS was created specifically for Twilight, and it’s possible that they will order Yuri to hunt for the agent known as Twilight hiding in Ostania under an alias.

Yuri is smart and accomplished. His search could lead him to his dream home. However, his feelings towards Yor and his perception of Loid, her husband, might cloud his judgement.

Yuri could also discover more about Loid/Twilight from Anya. In chapter 27 in the Spy x Family manga Manga, Yor asks Yuri if she can tutor Anya.

Spending time with Anya in their home, while Loid is away, might give Yuri the chance to go digging in Loid’s things. Alternatively, Anya, who knows everyone’s true identities and secrets, might also let it slip.

6. What will happen when Yuri finds out about Loid’s identity?

Already, Yuri doesn’t get too excited about Loid. He discovers that Loid is actually an Ostanian spy. This puts him at direct risk and opposition to the Ostanian government. Yuri will definitely plot against him.

It might not be necessary to confront immediately. because Yuri’s first thought will be that his sister Yor is being used and might be in danger.

Yuri & Loid may have a professional rivalry, but it will be their family ties that will bring them closer.

Yor and Loid are already beginning to show traces of true attachment to each other; given Yor’s thick bond with her brother, Yuri and Loid are bound to get along in the end.

7. About Spy × Family

Spy × Family is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump.

The story follows a spy who has to “build a family” to execute a mission, not realizing that the girl he adopts as a daughter and the woman he agrees to be in a fake marriage with are a mind reader and an assassin respectively.


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