Spy x Family: Does Anya earn a Stella Star? How?

Spy x Family: Does Anya earn a Stella Star? How?

Spy x Family episode 10 was based on chapter 15 in the manga. It saw the beginning the Stella Star arc. Anya actively tries for Stella Stars to become an Imperial Scholar.

Anya hears that the school has a rumor that the student who becomes the MVP in the upcoming dodgeball match will be awarded a Stella Star.

It is thrilling, intense, and dramatic. But it soon becomes obvious that dodgeball matches are exciting, intense, and very intense. No one is getting a Stella Star to help with a P.E. Match.

Anya, Damian, Emile, and Ewan play fantastically, sacrificing themselves to save each other – which is endearing to watch, but rather anticlimactic: neither of them manages to win.

Anya might not have gotten a Stella Star for the game, but the day she’s looking forward to isn’t far.

This page contains spoilers of Spy x Family.

Anya will be awarded her first Stella Star in chapter 16 for saving Ken, a hospitalized boy who fell into the water and almost drowned. Anya can telepathically hear Ken crying out for help and dives in the pool to rescue him.

This means that episode 11 will see Anya receive a Star, the first step towards saving the world.

How does Anya become a Stella Star

Anya is awarded her first Stella Star in saving a life. This was predictable – I wouldn’t have accepted anything lesser from the telepathic star of the show.

Students at Eden Academy can earn Stella Stars.

  • You will get outstanding marks
  • Participating in long-term community service.
  • Talent in extracurricular activities and/or shows exceptional ability
  • It is possible to achieve heroic feats such as saving a person’s life or helping the police.

No other student at Eden Academy has ever saved anyone’s life – at least from what we’ve seen so far. This was the ideal way for Anya shine.

Chapter 16 Loid brings Anya to the hospital hoping that she will earn a Stella Star in volunteer work.

Anya fails at simple tasks assigned to her – she reads a manga instead of cleaning, breaks 2 flower pots, and can’t even assist the doctors by handing them tools.

They are all leaving just as quickly. Anya hears your cry for help and can even telepathically respond. Ken, a boy with crutches in hospital, fell into the rehabilitation swimming pool as he checked the temperature.

Since Loid doesn’t know that Anya is an esper, she can’t tell him how she knows someone is drowning. She leaps in the pool alone, and she doesn’t even think about it. she can’t swim herself. Bravely, she grabs Ken’s hand – and Loid arrives just in time to get them both out of the water.

Loid And Anya | Source: IMDb

At school, Anya is presented with a Stella Star because she selflessly saved a life. She is the very first student in her grade who receives a Star Loid, Yor are proud of her.

This is a significant achievement. It marks her first step in being accepted by Loid.

How many Stella Stars has Anya in the manga?

Anya still has one Stella Star, as per the chapter 63. She has managed to acquire 2 Tonitrus Bolts.

The narrative rhythm of the series is the guide. Anya appears to be receiving 1 Bolt or 1 Star as an alternative.. Chapter 8 saw her get her first Bolt. Chapter 16 saw her receive a Star. Chapter 61 saw her get a Bolt. It’s time for another Stella Star!

To become an Imperial Scholar, Anya must have 8 Stella Stars. It looks like it. Anya will be the first student at Eden Academy to nearly get expelled prior to becoming an Imperial Scholar. The student will be immediately expelled if they get 8 Tonitrus Bolts.

Of course, we can’t have Anya getting expelled. According to the manga, a high-ranking professor can help lower the number Bolts by saying the word. I’m counting on you, Henderson!

How will Anya achieve more Stella Stars

To become a Scholar, Anya will need 7 more Stars. If Twilight wants to win Operation Strix, Anya must become a Scholar.

There is nothing Anya wants more than to make Loid happy, so it’s evident that She will do her best to earn more Stars.

Unfortunately, Anya isn’t what anyone would call a good student. She has no educational background, is one year older than everyone else. Children who have suffered from trauma in childhoodHe has never had a normal childhood.

Before Loid found Loid, she was a widow. She survived 5 years on her own as an orphan for five years She had been tested on. She did get her telepathic powers as a result, but she doesn’t know how to make use of them fully.

In fact It is only when she saves Ken that she realizes she can use the powers she has to help other people. It would be logical if Anya was able to earn more Stella Stars by using her telepathyMaybe next time she will use it to help the police and catch the bad guys.

Anya is terrible at academics but the only subject she’s good at is Classical Language. If the students are in a higher level, they might have Classical Language to choose from, so Anya will be able to pass the test.  

Anya will gain Stella Stars by understanding herself better and her abilities more. Stella Stars can be used to provide some information and propel the plot forward.

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