Sons of the Forest: Release Date and Price

Sons of the Forest Release date has been delayed again. However, the creators have now confirmed the date. The sequel to The Forest will be the game’s title. The players must survive in a harsh and difficult environment. If they do not follow the rules, they could be killed. Endniggt Games announced the sequel a few years back. Studios have not provided much information at this point.

However, there is plenty of information that will make fans very excited about what lies ahead. We will see the survival game again on our screens, with lots of land and cave maps. A lot of other enemies will also be returning. These enemies will make you feel sick and force you to fight back. There will be many challenges in the survival game that may have been created by the Studios. We haven’t heard much from them yet.

The Game Awards 2019 released a trailer for Sons of the Forest. This clip will show fans a disturbing setting and a terrifying tune. Although the video had detailed music, the creators didn’t make it clear what the gameplay involved. As the official release date of Sons of the Forest draws closer, we can expect a new trailer. The second trailer was released in 2020.

An image from the gameplay of Sons of the Forest

We were able to get a detailed review of the game’s features. You will have the ability to explore the map and use combat, as well as the possibility of creating beautiful environments within the game’s gameplay. The trailer shows some of the beauty that will be found inside the new building. This will all tie together at the end to create a compelling story that gamers can really enjoy. Let’s return to the trailer. Here is what we know.

Sons of the Forest: Release Date

Sons of Forest’s release date is on the 23rd of February 2023. Endnight Games Studios has confirmed this. This new sequel will only be available for PCs. The game can be purchased from the store for 29.99 USD upon its release. Studios has not released any information regarding a console release at this time.

We can expect more information and a release on other platforms, such as PlayStations and XBOX, given that it is still six months away. Although it’s not clear what the studios will release, they haven’t officially revealed anything.

Sons of the Forest was originally scheduled to release in August 2022. The studios changed the release date to February only recently. This was done to allow studios to continue working on the game and to polish it before it was officially released. Endnight Games posted a tweet via their platform stating that they will delay their upcoming project, the highly anticipated game Sons of the Forest, for the final time.


Although the Studios confirmed the price and release date, the Studios indicated that they would need to spend more time on the project in order for it to be perfect for players. This game will be a direct sequel of The Forest, which was released in 2014. According to the studios’ trailer, Eric Le Blac will be back. After suffering a fatal flight crash, Eric Le Blac will have to confront monsters and other creature.

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