SoftBank Vision Fund 2 invests $160M in Iyuno SDI Group

SoftBank Vision Fund 2 invests $160M in Iyuno SDI Group

Iyuno–SDI Group is a Los Angeles-based localisation service provider to the media and entertainment industries. It has received a $160m investment by SoftBank Vision Fund 2.

SoftBank Vision Fund 2 will be one of the largest shareholders of Iyuno–SDI and will join its Board of Directors with Altor, David Lee, Iyuno–SDI Group CEO, Shamrock Kapital Advisors, and SoftBank Ventures Asia Corp.

SoftBank Vision Fund 2 invests $160M in Iyuno SDI Group

The company plans to use the funds to accelerate its technology development to ensure the delivery of localized content worldwide.

David Lee is the CEO of Iyuno-SDI Group, a leading provider of localization services for media and entertainment industries. It combines AI and Neural Translation technologies with creative and linguistic skills accumulated over 70 years to provide high-quality localization services for the world’s largest content producers and distributors.

SoftBank Vision Fund 2 was invested two weeks after Iyuno Media Group completed its acquisition of SDI Media. This investment nearly doubled the global footprint of the combined company with 67 offices in 34 countries.

Iyuno SDI Group was created in 2021 after SDI Media Group’s acquisition. The company boasts the largest global reach with 67 offices across 34 countries, leveraging the best-in-class creative and technical talent. Its customer-centric approach and scale are a testament to its commitment to connecting content and connecting people.

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