Snapchat Not Showing Who Viewed My Story, How To See Who Has Viewed Your Snapchat Story?

What is a Snapchat Story?

Snapchat users can upload photos and videos to a timeline that disappears. Snapchat stories are available for 24 hours and then automatically disappear. Depending on your privacy settings Snapchat stories can be viewed by anyone in your Friends List or selected friends. 

Snapchat Stories lets you tell the story behind your day. Snapchat Stories lets you add photos and 10-second videos to be made public to your Snapchat friends for 24 hours. This feature is loved by many. Find out why Snapchat isn’t showing who viewed my Story.

Snapchat does not show who viewed my story

Your Snapchat stories are available to your friends. Snapchat allows you see the number of people who have viewed your story. You can also see who has viewed your stories, and how many people have seen them. If someone only views a part of a video story before closing it, it will not appear on the viewer’s view list.

You may have been blocked by Snapchat if someone appears on your story viewer’s list as “Other Snapchatters”. This could be because they blocked you after viewing your story.

How To See Who Has Viewed Your Snapchat Story?

Users can view their stories and see the number of people who have viewed them. You can check the views on your story by doing the following.

  • Open the Snapchat app. Tap on your story in the top left corner.

  • On the next screen, tap on My Story under My Stories and select any of your stories to see who has viewed them.

  • You can swipe up to load your story on the screen. Or, tap the view count icon (represented by an eye icon in the lower left corner) to see the view count.

  • Tap the eye icon to see a list people who have viewed and commented on your story.

Snapchat Memories

You might be concerned that your Story will expire and you won’t be able to view it. Snapchat has a Memories function that saves your Story for later viewing. Yes. Snapchat saves your Stories by default (in most cases), so there aren’t any steps you have to take to save them. Your Memories can be accessed from the home screen of Snapchat.

The double-card icon must be located to the left side of the record key. The screen will change to a new one. Choose ‘Stories,’ then ‘My Story.’ Your old Snapchat Stories will now appear at the top. Users can use the Memories feature to re-watch old Snaps, edit them, and then send them to their contacts.


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