Slipknot Setlist 2022

Slipknot Setlist for 2022

Slipknot is available for purchase For the next days, see Setlist 2022 here. Below are the most recent updates Slipknot Setlist 2022 for current and future months. Slipknot Setlist 2022 includes various songs. Check out the complete setlist. Book your Slipknot Setlist 2022 tickets now

Next Slipknot Setlist 2022

  • Disasterpiece  

  • Slipknot 10th Anniversary Edition cover Wait And Bleed  

  • All Hope Is Gone – Sulfur  

  • Vol. Vol. [special Package] Cover Before I Forget   

  • Single Cover of The Chapeltown Rag 

  • All Hope Is Gone covers Dead Memories  

  • Unsainted can cover Unsainted   

  • Iowa covers The Heretic Anthem  

  • All Hope Is Gone includes Psychosocial  

  • .5 The Gray Chapter covers The Devil In I   

  • We Are Not Your Kind covers Solway Firth   

  • All Out Life covers All Out Life  

  • All Hope Is Gone provide Snuff  

  • Vol. Vol. [special Package] cover Vermilion 

  • Vol. Vol. [special Package] Cover Duality   

  • Custer is covered by The Gray Chapter   

  • Slipknot 10th anniversary Edition cover Spit It Out  

  • Iowa cover People = Shit  

  • Slipknot 10th anniversary Edition cover Surfacing

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