Shinobi no Ittoki Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Shinobi no Ittoki’ episode 1, Ittoki, an ordinary teenager is asked out on a date by a girl named Tsubasa, who he has never met. He is thrilled about the big day but his mother tells him not to. Ittoki ignores her advice, and in the end puts his life in danger. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Shinobi no Ittoki’ episode 1. SPOILERS Ahead!

Shinobi no Ittoki Episode 1 Recap

Ittoki, a normal student, finds himself in the middle of teenager life. He is invited by his friends to sing karaoke with them, but he has so many other clubs and activities that he doesn’t have any time for himself. His mother has asked him to follow Kousetsu around, a masked girl who is there to make sure he doesn’t slack.

Ittoki walks back to the house using a shortcut that demonstrates his natural athleticism. But, when a van is about ramming into him, Ittoki manages to escape by performing an impressive backflip. Tokisada, his uncle picks him up and takes him to a car. He finds a letter from his uncle in his locker the next day and is immediately taken aback.

Ittoki discovers the name of the girl when he meets with the sender several hours later. He doesn’t know her but she has been watching him closely for some time. She also saw him not get hit by the van the day before. Ittoki, eager to start his relationship, proposes to her and arranges a date with her. When Ittoki’s mother later learns that he is going to date a girl he does not even know, she warns him not to go out with her.

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Despite his mother’s warning, Ittoki decides to meet Tsubasa just as the new couple has planned. Tokisada drops him at the Iga station where his date is waiting. Ittoki is naturally nervous as this is his first date, so when he asks Tsubasa about the day’s plans, she asks him to come to his place. Ittoki is shocked, but he couldn’t resist saying yes to her. At Tusbasa’s house, the couple sits together not really talking to each other.


Tsubasa simply stands up and walks away from Ittoki when he tries to start a conversation. She suddenly drops her clothes and turns towards Ittoki, to his surprise. Ittoki pushes her away when she tries to get close and panics. He is surrounded in mysterious black-clad men who seem to be Tsubasa’s leaders. Luckily, Kousetsu jumps into the room through the balcony before it’s too late and manages to help Ittoki escape while she deals with the danger at hand.

Raiha and Kaizo, who are outside the house, accompany Ittoki to take him to safety. They attack the car that they are driving and tell Ittoki, “Run for your life!” while they battle the enemies. Ittoki is found on a deserted street a few hours later. He tries his best but mysterious enemies find him and have a sinister plan. Tokisada, however, appears at the right moment and uses his mysterious powers to defeat everyone.


Ittoki loses consciousness in the process and the next time he opens his eyes, he finds himself near a house, which Tokisada describes as his parent’s home. Tokisada follows Kousetsu inside to take care of some unfinished business. So, if it wasn’t for the bravery of Tokisada, Kousetsu, Raiha, and Kaizo, Ittoki would not have been alive and have died a cruel death.

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Ittoki is led into the house and finds himself in the middle of a group of around a dozen people. Soon it is announced that Yumika, the Clan head, has arrived. Yumika shocks Ittoki by revealing that Yumika is actually his mother. She tells him that they are the Shinobi of Iga.

The ninjas have thrived for several hundred years by hiding in shadows and integrating into the everyday lives of ordinary people. A strict code of conduct is required for ninjas to ensure social cohesion among different villages and factions. After decades of relative peace, prosperity, the situation has changed.

Kouga Clan is an elite group of ninjas who live in the same village as them. They have used modern ninjutsu to advance their evil agendas and are wealthy. After ensuring Iga’s downfall, they want to assert their power by becoming one of the strongest villages. To achieve this objective, The Kouga tried killing Ittoki because he was the 19th legitimate inheritor of the venerable Iga lineage of ninjas.

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