Shift Paradigm to Acquire Ergo

Shift ParadigmErgo, an email marketing company based in New York, was acquired by, a digital company based in Austin, Texas.

The deal amount was not disclosed.

Shift Paradigm’s acquisition will enhance the customer experience through email and other channels. It will also pursue its vision to accelerate value creation through digital transformations, which shift the way companies grow and interact with customers.

Ergo, led by John Hendricks CEO, makes email personalization easy at scale. Marketers can now use a variety of data to automatically generate millions of HTML-based, dynamic content email modules that will create a personal 1:1 CX.

Shift Paradigm’s CEO Liz Ross leads the company. She aligns sales and marketing within organizations and digitally transforms customer experiences in both B2B and C spaces. The company has over 200+ employees in┬áNorth America.



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