Sherdil Shergill 11th November 2022 Written Update

The current Sherdil Shergill 11th Nov 2022, episode opens with Manmeet walking into her house and heading to her room in a bid to help her keep her tears at bay.

While this is happening, Rajkumar goes to his room as Bhairav stares at him, and feels dejected at Rajkumar opting to do standup comedy.

On the contrary, Rajkumar destroys his room when he is thinking about Manmeet’s rejection , and how she humiliated Manmeet in front of all the people.

Rajkumar throws down his comforter away and destroys the lamps while he tries to stay his tears.

Additionally, Rajkumar slips on the edge of the bed , as the rejection of Manmeet finally begins to take root in his brain and into his heart.

While she is doing this, Manmeet sits on her bed crying while her mother comes in the room.

She decides to sit with Manmeet and inquires if she likes Rajkumar.

Manmeet tells her mom that she is in love with Raj while she lets out tears.

Puneet is adamant about her actions and Manmeet admits she had a motive to take the actions she took the way she did today.

What is the real reason behind Manmeet’s disappearance?

What do you think Rajkumar behaving with Manmeet following her rejection?

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