She-Hulk Episode 7 Easter Eggs: Breaking The Fourth Wall On Another Level

She-Hulk Episode 7 was another episode that didn’t feature Deadpool or Matt Murdock. However, it did include some Easter Eggs References and Foreshadowing. We’ll go through all the comic book, MCU, and real-life Easter Eggs and References that we show in episode 7 of She-Hulk Attorney at Law. She-Hulk acknowledged that she was on a TV series and broke the fourth wall at another level.

As I said, episode 7 had no Daredevil. We have all been waiting so long for him. Emil Blonsky, also known as The Abomination, was the one who finally showed up. He was back. This time, he hosted a Retreat Group that allowed us to meet some of his Comic book characters. These characters’ stories foreshadowed many things in the She-Hulk episode. We’ll also go into these characters’ comic books’ Details.

All Episode 7 Easter Eggs of She-Hulk are here:

Hulk Smash and Miss Piggy Muppet

She-Hulk uses the term Hulk Smashed, as in Hulk’s catchphrase Hulk-smash, when Nikki is speculating on all the things that Josh could be doing that would keep him from sending her text. She suggests silent retreats to foreshadow Abominations Retreat which is the entire title of the episode.

Miss Piggy Muppet

Also, we find out the reason why Josh hadn’t responded to her is that he was only trying to get into bed with her, so we could clone her data. And he had no reason to contact her after that, he didn’t actually like her. So it wasn’t like he wanted to talk to her.

Jen does yoga and watches a Muppet movie. The Miss Piggy Muppets clip she’s watching on her phone is actually from the Great Muppet Caper movie, which is an awesome classic Muppet movie. It’s like 

One of the best Jim Henson-era Muppet movies. Miss Piggy’s clip is also meant as a metaphor to Jen She-Hulk. Miss Piggy metaphorically crawls out of prison, bends the bars and finally frees her self.

So I think that’s meant to be a metaphor or foreshadow, something that She-Hulk will eventually do. Like the Intelligentcia will get the drop on her, and she’ll have to save herself like she’ll hulk out and go full Savage She-Hulk. Also, when she gets the call from Abomination’s parole officer, his name is Chuck Donelan, that’s actually a reference to Charles Donelan who’s a real-life comic book artist.

Hulk Personality and Abomination Escape Plan

Abomination claimed that his inhibitor was malfunctioning due to him being shocked by an electrical fence. But early theory is that that’s a lie, and he was just tampering with it and trying to remove it. You can see him in his full Abomination form walking around later footage. So like, at some point, he’d have to get out of that inhibitor.

She-Hulk Easter Eggs

Abomination Escape Plan

He said that he has a favorite bird, Princess Silk feather, and that he also has many other chickens. I don’t know if that’s also meant to be a reference to something else or another person, we’ll see if it winds up being code for something eventually.

And when he talks about the yurt integrating the past and present into one being, that’s a metaphor for She-Hulk combining the two halves of her personality. Hulk did the same thing and became the Banner professor version of Hulk. It was like their two sides were working together to achieve the full power of the Hulk. It seems almost like Abomination did a similar thing.

Prius Prime

The other weird thing that happens in this scene when they destroy her Prius is that she specifically calls it a Prius Prime and they mention Prius prime a couple of times. So I’m wondering if it was part of some ad campaign or like a commercial that they worked into the episode, like ad integration. Because they do that with a lot of cars in Marvel series and movies. That’s why Iron Man drove Audis because Audi paid Marvel a ton of money to use their cards instead of Tesla like normally you’d expect him to drive a Tesla.

She-Hulk Easter Eggs

Prius Prime

She makes a big deal about being stuck there while her car waits for a tow truck. She could actually just use She-Hulk’s power to jump home super fast, like the Hulk can run fast of course, but because their legs are so strong, they can travel even faster by just doing super jumps. Superman-style jumping tall buildings in one bound, like old-school Superman.

Man Bull and El Aguila

In She-Hulk Episode 7, Recap, we meet Man-Bull (El Aguila). Man-Bull states that he was made in a laboratory and that comics had him kidnapping street people for Mr. Kline.  Kline was performing experiments to transform people into animals.

Daredevil confronted him under the name William Taurens. He managed to stop him. Kline wanted blood so he made William do the experiment to make him Man-Bull. Nathan Hurd plays Man Bull, who you may recognize from his standup comedy.

She-Hulk Easter Eggs

El Aguila

El Aguila is now in the MCU. This happens after Immortal Man showed up last week. He was born in Spain. He eventually traveled to America and became a crime fighter for poor people under the name El Aguila. He was recruited by many government agencies throughout the years. However, it was believed that he lost all his powers on Mday. He continued to get work, and we discovered that both were here for their anger problems. El Aguilar, which is a similarity to a matador represents those who have attempted to oppress him.

When they say El Aguila’s identity as a sword fighter is a representation of all the times he’s been metaphorically stabbed in the back and betrayed by people. It’s a parallel for She-Hulk’s Josh storyline with him betraying her just to get her blood.

El Aguila comes from the Luke Cage & Iron Fist team-up Comics. So it seems that a lot of Marvel-Netflix characters have returned to the MCU. So of course, there use a lot of their villains too and because El Aguila is a mutant and they’re doing more mutants now, it also makes sense why they chose him in particular. Like most villains, they are supposed to look like C- and D-list villains.

Porcupine and Saracen

At Emil’s therapy session, we meet two comic book characters. We meet Porcupine from comics, who is a scientist who worked for the United States Army. He designed a battle suit with razor-sharp spikes. This suit can shoot the needles from him while making it very difficult to hit. He believed the suit would make him a millionaire, but the government refused him payment, so he began to commit crime. He is afraid of losing his suit and refuses to let it go.

She-Hulk Easter Eggs

Porcupine and Saracen

Porcupine actually comes from Tales to Astonish, the Ant-Man & the Wasp stories. But he’s also shown up in Iron Man, X-Men, Captain America, and Avengers Comics. His story centers around Hank Pym as a scientist who created a power suit similar to Hank Pym’s. However, he was a porcupine and ended up becoming a supervillain after taking the suit along.

They use him mostly for a joke in this episode like he’s been wearing the suit for so long that it just gets super ranked. They pay off this in the ending credit scene with that extra scene where he actually gets it dry cleaned.

Then Saracen is the Vampire who’s from The Punisher Comics, which is another clue they’ll probably bring the Punisher back eventually. Obviously, we have Vampires and more Supernatural characters coming through The Blade movie. We also have werewolf by night that’s going to be happening in a couple of weeks which is basically like a monster MCU series. Like they’re doing more Monsters, more Supernatural characters.

Breaking The Fourth Wall

And then She-Hulk breaks the fourth wall for the first time in the episode, and she also knows that she’s a character in a television show which I believe is the first time that she’s referenced that. This is far more than normal fourth wall breaking.  

She-Hulk Easter Eggs

Breaking The Fourth Wall

She calls that the previously on, on the beginnings of most episodes, cueing up another one, speaking to someone off camera like she’s talking to Kevin Feige in real life. “Cue up another previously on, so we can explain who this Wrecking Crew character is”. And the thing about this is that normally when you see people do this in shows like Rick and Morty does stuff like this every once in a while. Like Rick Sanchez knows that he’s a character in a fictional TV show.

When characters gain the ability to do this in stories like this, it essentially makes them the most powerful character in the entire universe. Because if you think about it like a Celestial could come to attack her, get ready to vaporize the planet and she could literally pause the universe by breaking the fourth ball and then cueing something else up like “okay let’s just jump to some other scene”.

So it’s like a level Beyond The Meta that they’ve done before, they’ll probably do more stuff like this when we get to Deadpool 3. And because she’s probably gonna come back in Captain America 4 and obviously Avengers 5 and Avengers 6. I also wonder if she’s gonna break the fourth ball or Deadpool might be in those movies, or at least Avengers 6 will they also break the fourth wall in the Avengers movies?

She-Hulk’s Blood

But we find out that one of the members of Wrecking Crew is at the retreat, and now I kind of think that Josh is actually the other member of Wrecking Crew that was wearing the mask, so you couldn’t identify him in the previous episode.

She-Hulk Episode 7 Easter Eggs

She-Hulk’s Blood

They had already stated in their first episode that they were after her blood and that they were working for Intelligentcia. The whole thing is that the guy lies to her throughout this Retreat.  Most of this though, they treat comedy like all the supervillains clown on her for her Josh problems like “what did you text him, oh no you can’t do that, that’s terrible”.

Saracen keeps mentioning her blood, foreshadowing what’s going to happen with the Intelligentcia and Josh during the episode. But also because he’s a vampire, and he actually literally wants to drink blood, and because they’re all super villains, they want to go kill Josh.

Fake foreshadowing and Dan Slott

Saracen wants to drink his blood, and then El Aguila uses his mutant power electrifying his sword with his bioelectricity which Abomination calls out, and I love the idea that nobody thinks that it’s a big deal that there are mutants in the MCU. Like Abomination is totally unperturbed by it like, “oh yeah someone’s using their biology to create weird powers like this, yeah that’s totally normal”.

And then Abomination launches into this big talk about being genuine, showing your genuine emotions, and it just seems so over the top that I think it might be foreshadowing for him revealing that he’s really just doing all this as a front to try and stay out of prison.

She-Hulk Episode 7 Easter Eggs

Dan Slott

Like everything with the end of this Retreat, she goes into the yurt, they have all this hopeful music. Like all these B and C-list super villains are all cheering for her like it’s some really hopeful cheesy moment. It just feels like they’re trying to foreshadow that this is all kind of a front, it’s all kind of fake.

The Slott tow truck is a reference to Dan Slott, who’s written a ton of Marvel Comics. Also, the tow truck driver’s name is Dan, so it’s like literally Dan Slott tow truck. He’s mostly known for his time writing Spider-Man comics, but he’s also written on She-Hulk, which is why I think he made it into this episode as an Easter egg.

Intelligencia Plot and End Credits

Finally, the episode ends with a flashback to three episodes ago. It shows that Josh took all her data and copied it to her phone. He then called Hulk King to let Hulk King know that everything was going according plan so they could get her blood.

This I think just based on the timing of them paying all these storylines off, will probably happen in next week’s episode at some point. It is also the Daredevil episode so it confirms that Daredevil will participate in whatever final Arc she has against the Intelligentcia.

She-Hulk Episode 7 Easter Eggs

Porcupine in the End Credits

But there’s no actual post-credit scene which is kind of a bummer because they did post-credit scenes for like most of the first half of the season. The credits scene at the end is the same as the actual credits, where they add special art and create new scenes. The new scenes that they added were the ones of El Aguila back in college paying off the joke where he said in college he did some matadoring, but it was all part of this drinking game that they were playing.

They show She-Hulk, who is seen in the yurt, sweating it out along with other supervillains. They show a porcupine drying his suit. One of the things they haven’t paid off during these scenes, though is the She-Hulk file on her desk. We saw a prison for damage control. It’s not Shield. So we haven’t seen any actual Shield in the episodes yet.

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