Shaman’s Portal: Unsettling Bermuda Triangle Of Restless Oklahoma

Oklahoma is home to human beings since around 11,000 years ago. It was discovered by the Spanish, and declared by the French in 1803. This was before the United States took Louisiana. It was soon made into Native American territory, and it was legalized for other Americans to establish.

The concept “red people,” which refers to all Native American tribes, is a combination of Choctaw languages used to define Oklahoma. Oklahoma is home to many urban legends and fairy tales, such as The Friendly Dead of the Stone Lion Inn and The Tulsa Hex House. However, none are as well-known or as effective at scaring people away from the state’s more remote areas as the enigmatic Shaman’s Portal of Beaver Dunes Park.

Beaver Dunes Park is situated on what is affectionately known as “The Neutral Strip,” which spans more than 300 miles of Oklahoma’s excessive northern part of the state, in the panhandle part of the state on U.S. Highway 270 in Beaver, Oklahoma. The dunes are so heavily associated with the supernatural that they have hosted various human tragedies, covert military archaeological digs, and “Men in Black” spottings, earning them the nickname “Oklahoma’s Bermuda Triangle.”

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Shaman’s Portal

Coronado, the Spanish explorer, was the first to take the first step in 1500s Spain. He called the concept “the task of the devil” in his journal when Coronado’s men magically disappeared from the sands in a burst of unusual, green light. But that doesn’t mean he hadn’t been notified.

Native American guides who had aided him along his journey warned Coronado and his men against going into the Dunes. Although they claimed it was dangerous, Coronado was driven by his desire to find New World gold. It seems like the guides weren’t too far off. These very locals came up with the name “The Shaman’s Portal,” and the location is still thought to be connected to a number of mysterious vanishings that occurred during that unfortunate journey.

Although the number of such abductions has dropped over time, no one has been proved to be linked to the claimed portal. The fusion of superstitious nonsense and historical past in this area is still a deterrent and discourages many people from going too deep. Some locals claim that they discovered military dig sites when it was still dark. The archaeologist Dr. Mark Thatcher of Oklahoma State University studied the area for three years in the 1990s, before it was closed down by military-trained people.

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Is the area a gateway to another dimension, or are the dunes simply recording electromagnetic interruptions? Some believe that there is an ancient spaceship from another dimension buried here. Others, however, believe that the expeditions were destroyed by green light or fell prey of some evil native magic to protect the wealth the Europeans coveted. No, regardless of what happened to Coronado’s men, they were lost forever because he disregarded the alerts.

You might want to avoid this one because of sudden disappearances, toughened government uniforms and anomalies in air and soil that defy science.

Different Theories and questions

It is unclear if Thatcher was part a separate, unnamed university geological team that allegedly explored the area in the middle of 1990s. According to reports, this group collected many geological samples and discovered strange anomalies like ionized dirt and electromagnetic interference. Many believe that an alien spaceship has been buried under the dunes because of all this. There are other items, including a spaceship, that could be found there. It is believed that there is also an old Native American cemetery in the area. It is not a good idea, as everyone knows, to build something on one of these.

The alien linkage is only one possible explanation. There are many theories about the mysterious lights and disappearances. Is this a portal to another dimension? Did the green lights kill the people who were missing or did they teleport them? Is it a Native American curse to prevent European explorers, like Coronado, from stealing the tribal’s gold?


Despite how bizarre and somewhat cool everything is, Coronado’s diary is the only thing that can be used as proof. Every other claim has been dubious over the past 500 years. It is difficult to imagine what happened to the forgotten explorers.

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