Shadows House Season 2 Episode 12 Release Date: Those Who Fight Back

Shadows House Season 2 Episode 12 will be released this weekend. This is the final episode of season 2. Shadows House is a manga series written by and illustrated in Japanese by So-ma to. Weekly Young Jump has published the chapters since September 2018 in eleven tankōbon volumes as of June 2022. CloverWorks transformed the manga into an anime TV series, which aired from April 2021 through July 2021. The second season debuted in July 2022.

Since the mystery was not solved in the previous season, Kate and Emilico will begin their adult lives together this season. A new task was added to the season. Kate and Emilio are looking to become Star Bearers in order to leave their positions, but they don’t know who to trust. Meanwhile, something weird is going on in the children’s wing, adding to the chaos.

We see in episode 11 that as Barbara and the Star Bearers escort Rosemary and Maryrose to the adults’ wing for punishment, Kate and Emilico are asked to accompany them. When Christopher was invited to the adults’ wing, Maryrose abruptly ceased to contact Barbara. She recalls her childhood, during which Christopher and his living doll Anthony were beloved by the children’s wing residents. As a Star Bearer, Barbara was assigned to supervise the children’s wing until Barbie’s wounds had healed after Barbara accidentally injured Barbie’s face with her soot powers out of frustration with Maryrose.

Shadows House Season 2, Episode 11 Review

This episode is really sad. First, we see Christopher from Barbara and Barbie’s perspectives who deeply admired him and wanted to be equals to him. Everything fell apart after Christopher accepted his invitation. She wanted everything to return to normal. Maryrose, who almost lost her will when Christopher died, has been made into a Star Bearer in order to keep the children’s orders. Since Barbara doesn’t have the charisma Christopher does, she became a harsh and strict Star Bearer.

Shadows House Season 2

Rosemary and Maryrose first became aware of brainwashing. They began to remove Anthony and Christopher as soon as they could. All was well during that time, with the brainwashing removed. But just like from Barbara’s point of view, everything fell apart once Christopher got his invitation. Maryrose claims that Christopher committed suicide shortly after hearing about the Fusion. Barbara was not told about this. Maryrose wanted to share everything with Barbara but didn’t want to burden her with it.

Shadows House Season 2 Episode 12 Release Date

Shadows House Season 2

That final scene was a disappointment. I was hoping Edward would be killed or injured, but it turned out that adults are stronger. Maryrose and Rosemary were able to leave on their terms. Edward’s reaction to what they did is going to result in him receiving punishment for what they did. It is both shocking and strangely liberating to see them jump to their deaths.

Shadows House Season 2 Episode 12 Released Date

Shadows House Season 2 Episode 12 will be released on 24 September 2022Saturday, December 2, 2012 at 12:00 AM (JST). Shadows House Season 2 Episode 12 will be available for US viewers at 10:00 hrs Central Time/11:00 Eastern Time/08:00 Pacific Time. For Indian fans, Shadows House Season 2 Episode 12 will be available at 08.30 hrs Indian Standard Time. Episode title: “Those Who Fight Back.”

About Shadows House Season 2

Shadow House is the story about residents who live in a dark mansion and their dolls. Their dolls get their help in cleaning up the soot. Emilico is one such living doll. As a result of Kate and Emilico’s experiences at the House, they were exposed to several mysterious events. Together, they began to uncover the House’s secrets.

Shadows House Season 2 Episode 12 Release Date

Shadows House Season 2

The Shadow House now has Emilico and Kate as official residents. Star Bearers keep an eye on them. To escape this surveillance, Emilico is forced to become Star Bearers. Kate’s reputation falls at stake if this strange figure is not brought to justice. The strange man is the subject to bizarre and unexpected events. Kate sets out to unravel this mystery. 

Where To Watch Shadows House Season 2 Ep 12?

You can view Shadows House Season 2 Episode 12 online on Crunchyroll, Funimation and other platforms when it is available. The Shadows House Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2 are also available on these same platforms.

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