Scale3 Labs Raises $5.3M in Seed Funding 

Scale3 LabsSeed funding of $5.3M was provided by, a Palo Alto web3 infrastructure company.

Redpoint Ventures led the round, and Howard University was represented by Mysten Labs.

The company intends use the funding to speed up development of its web3 tools to facilitate network telemetry and block node blockchain development.

Scale3 Labs was founded by Ola Muce, CEO, and Karthik Kalyanaraman CTO. The company is a web3 infrastructure company that develops tools for developers. This includes the monitoring and observation tech stack for blockchain networks. Autopilot, the company’s first product, is designed to automate and simplify the process of setting up, monitoring, and upgrading blockchain nodes. This will help node operators reduce their overall operating costs. Autopilot uses open-source tooling to provide node operator with network and blockchain node telemetry, community intelligence and specific ecosystem insights.

Scale3 provides more than just data and analytics for running nodes. It also offers monitoring and observation layers via a dashboard. This allows node operators access information about the blockchain community and the tooling required to manage node upgrade seamlessly.



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