Sanjog 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita gets insulted by Chanda

Sanjog twenty second November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

Scene 1
Rajeev tells Lakshita that I’m sorry for being indignant with you earlier than. Lakshita says I simply need to be with you. They arrive nearer however Amrita comes there. Lakshita says I got here right here to turn my ipad to him, he made it paintings once more, she leaves.

Chanda brings candies for Panna and Heera however they shout at her that they don’t need this, she is getting gold chains and they aren’t. Chanda says I sought after to be with you handiest, I didn’t need this new circle of relatives, I don’t even need this gold chain. She is ready to take it off however Gauri stops her.

Amrita tells Rajeev that Tara is behaving weirdly, she has to just accept Chanda. She wishes her folks’s fortify, please fail to remember about our misunderstandings. Rajeev says I’ve considered what to do with the ones, I can inform you quickly. He leaves.

Gauri tells Chanda that stay this chain round her neck, that is their key to luck. She tells Heera and Panna to worth no matter they’re getting. She asks Chanda to visit her circle of relatives. Chanda says that is my circle of relatives too. Gopal comes there and says she is our circle of relatives member. Chanda says I couldn’t sleep however Amrita learn a micky mouse tale to me. Gopal hugs her and says I can at all times fortify you.

Rajeev and Amrita sit down with Tara. They play a projector. Rajeev presentations her footage and tells her about their reminiscences. Amrita says we adore you such a lot and nobody can take your home. She asks her to just accept Chandini as her sister, you’re nonetheless our princess. Rajeev says you don’t wish to be insecure. Tara says k, I settle for her and I gained’t have any problems along with her. Tara thinks Chanda can by no means be my sister, she is a servant handiest however Gauri taught not to display my hatred and act like a just right lady.

Tara ties a thread at the stairs and calls Chanda. Gauri sees that and is surprised. Anjali is going at the stairs earlier than Chanda and falls down. All rush to her. Maasa asks what took place? Tara thinks I’ve to cover the thread. She sees the thread long past as Gauri concealed it. Amrita takes Anjali from there. Gauri tells Tara that you just did all that proper? Tara says I sought after to harm Chanda handiest. Gauri smirks and thinks she is like me handiest. Gauri tells her that she’s going to transform your equivalent within the birthday celebration these days. Tara thinks I gained’t let her transform my sister then, she leaves. Gauri says she is rather like me, that very same anger and sharp thoughts. She is my Tara. I don’t know what she is prior to now.

The birthday celebration begins, Maasa tells the visitors that we’ve got employed new employees Gauri and Gopal. They have got a daughter who may be very brilliant so we determined to undertake her, we can stay her circle of relatives right here however she can have a brand new circle of relatives now. We’ve got a brand new member of the circle of relatives now. The visitors reward her for having a large center. Amrita whispers to Maasa that this looks as if a charity for Chanda, we shouldn’t say all this. Maasa says we will be able to’t inform them that Tara isn’t ours. She calls Chanda. Chanda comes there dressed as a joker. All are surprised. Tara comes there and smirks. The visitors comic story and say she needless to say is from a deficient background, she has to manners. Amrita asks Chanda why didn’t she put on the birthday celebration get dressed? Chanda pushes her away and says I now not your daughter and I don’t even need to be. I wore this to turn you that I fairly be a joker than transform your daughter. All are surprised. Amrita is harm.

The episode ends.

Replace Credit score to: Atiba

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