Ronald March Murder: Where is Lance Standberg Now?

Ronald March died in August 2012 from a vicious attack in Burnaby. Both men had a history if animosity and the authorities quickly located the culprit. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Fear Thy Neighbor: Hell-Bent’ focuses on the events leading up to Ronald’s death and how the tragic attack occurred. So, let’s find out more about what happened then, shall we?

How Did Ronald March Die?

Ronald William March was described to be an avid reader, and an intelligent man. People who knew him well remembered him as a gentle and kind man who would go the extra mile to help others. The incident occurred in Burnaby, where the 57-year old had just moved into a senior community. The show mentioned that Ronald was currently taking medication for Lupus (an autoimmune disease).

A neighbor saw Ronald lying in blood on the ground behind the Renfrew Street building at 3400 Block. The neighbor called 911 immediately but it was too late for the authorities to arrive. Ronald had been stabbed twelve times. His throat was slit, cutting his jugular vein. He was declared dead on the spot.

Who Killed Ronald March

After investigating Ronald March’s case, authorities discovered that he had been in contact with police about issues with Lance Standberg. Ronald had moved into the senior’s complex housing on the day he was killed. He had previously lived in a subsidized apartment. Ronald lived with Loray Rayne and was a neighbor.

According to the show Loray suffered from many health problems and relied on Lance for assistance. People speculated on the nature of their relationship, although he took care of Loray. Lance was a seasonal oil worker and was often away from home for many days. Loray was able to depend on Ronald for help with moving and grocery shopping. Because of his health issues, it became more difficult for Ronald to do this.

One instance saw Ronald driving Loray to work when Loray lit up a cigarette while he was driving. As per the show, Ronald asked her to put it off, but she didn’t, leading him to shove her out of the car. Loray then accused Ronald she hit her and had him arrested. However, Loray changed her mind and dropped the charges. She told Lance about the incident, and he attacked Ronald. Lance continued to attack Ronald with a steel pipe. Lance struck Ronald with a pipe made of steel, as per the show.

Ronald had reported to the police about it, but they couldn’t find Lance since he had taken off both times. Ronald decided to move out of the apartment, and he completed the move on 8 August 2012. Later it was discovered that Lance, at 47, had recorded the move taking place and was accused by the truck driver. But he later denied this. The authorities believed Lance had been waiting to kill Ronald. After a short chase by police, he was finally arrested in the early hours of August 9.

Lance Standberg: Where are you today?

Lance Standberg, who was arrested after the incident, claimed that he had nothing to do the murder. When asked about why he was recording Ronald’s move, he believed that Ronald had stolen something from his storage. However, the police found Ronald’s blood in Lance’s car. While his first trial didn’t have a resolution for unknown reasons, he was convicted of first-degree murder in his second trial in November 2014. Lance was sentenced for life with the possibility to be paroled after 25 years. According to our knowledge, Lance is currently in British Columbia serving his sentence.

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