Rogue Spirit has been delayed, expands platforms for 2023

Rogue Spirit Officially extended their early access period, delaying version 1.0 release by months. S, and Epic Games Store sometime in 2023.|S, and Epic Games Store sometime in 2023.

Here’s the announcement from the game, which tags the devs and breaks down their key updates:

The developers behind this roguelite are Kids With Sticks & 505 Games. They just held a showcase to reveal a few new titles. 505 Games is most well-known for publishing hits such as Death Stranding And brilliant little games like Stardew Valley Or Humans are flat.

Rogue Spirit This is a fun action game with rogue-lite elements that follows the ghost of a prince who must save his kingdom. To use their different abilities, players can have enemies.

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July Update and Breakdown

Although it’s disappointing to hear that v1.0 doesn’t have a release date, a small update called v0.95 will be available on July 7th, 2022.

Players will now be able to unlock Game Modifiers, which will be known as “Rules” in-game. To unlock Hard Mode and Sprinter, you must collect blueprints from the Monastery.

To keep fans’ interest, there will also be 60 new quests to complete, as well as various new puzzles nestled throughout the environment. Skills can now be found in blueprints that must be activated and improved in the Monastery.

To make it easier for players to be pursued by AI enemies, they have been upgraded. To make navigation easier, the main menu has received some quality-of-life improvements. All of these features will hopefully satisfy enough fans to endure the delays.

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