Roblox Microsoft Rewards Not Working, How To Fix Microsoft Rewards Robux Not Showing Up Issue?

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What is Roblox?

You only need to rank up and do many activities. You don’t have to worry about losing your progress. This game offers online features, so you can compete against other players and be on top of the tour leaderboard. To rank higher on leaderboards, you must be active and earn more in the game. Roblox Safe chat must be turned off so you can communicate your friends.

Roblox Microsoft Rewards Does Not Work

Roblox is a favorite game of gamers. Roblox is a game that promises to bring joy and inexpressible happiness to the player. The game is currently having trouble loading and many gamers have reported that the game is not working. The solution to Roblox Microsoft Rewards not Working is now available. If you are facing the similar issue, don’t worry; we have covered the possible fix in the upcoming passages, have a good read. 

How to Fix Microsoft Rewards Robux Not Showing up Issue?

Check If You’ve Logged Into The Correct Microsoft Rewards Account

To redeem the Microsoft gift certificate and Robux, you must use the same account. The gift card might not appear if you have different accounts. This happens only if more than one account is used.

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  • Head to  Microsoft Rewards after you launch your rewards.

  • Now, go to the Redeem Tab.

  • Type Roblox on the next screen. On the right side, you will see Roblox Digital Code.

  • Now click on the dropdown and select Select An Option.

  • Click on Redeem now

Install Roblox using Microsoft Store. Then, you can try to Buy Robux

  • Install Roblox via Microsoft Store, then open the app or download the Roblox Player for Microsoft Edge.

  • Navigate to your upper right corner.

  • Proceed to click the hexagon icon and select “Buy Robux”

  • Inside “Buy Robox,” click on the amount of Robux, which is present next to the price.

  • Select the Redeem Roblox Card option from the Secure Payment page.

  • Once you reach the Roblox Credit screen you will need to head to Redeem Cards.

  • Enter the Pin, then click on Redeem.

  • Once your account is verified, you can press Submit Order for further action.

Robux can be purchased using a Microsoft Gift Card inside the Roblox App

  • Log in to Microsoft Rewards first and click on Redeem Tab.

  • On the next page, type “Microsoft Gift Crad” in the search bar, which will bring in Gift Card results; click to open it.

  • You can see the Microsoft Gift Card by clicking the drop-down and selecting the gift cards you want. (Ensure you have enough points to click an option.

  • Now, download Roblox and all your activities using this app from the Microsoft Store

  • Use the Microsoft gift card balance to purchase Robux now from your Roblox account

Get a Microsoft Gift Card at the Xbox Store

  • Click the Redeem tab and check out the Microsoft Rewards.

  • You will need to enter Microsoft Gift Card in search bar on the next page. This will pull up details about the gift card.

  • You will now see the Microsoft Gift Card. Select the gift cards you wish to purchase based on the available points.

  • Log in to Microsoft Xbox Store. Expand the games tab to find the redeem code.

  • Now, enter the 25 character code.

  • Once you are done, go back to Roblox and click on Buy Roblox.

  • Select the Subscription amount.

  • You can view the Microsoft account balance and the payment page.

  • You can confirm it by selecting it

Microsoft Rewards Support:

If you are not satisfied with the suggestions, contact the support staff. Send an email with your details and a ticket to the support team. They will get back to you within one working day. To redeem your rewards, make sure you’re using the edge browser

Roblox Gameplay

Sometimes, it can be exhausting to play the open-world. It takes longer to find and complete the objective. Cheat codes are used by some players to reduce the difficulty of the game. Cheat codes are used to lower the risk and have fun. Roblox makes the game easier by using cheats. Although cheat codes are banned in some cases, there are still many people who use them. You can still play a game without cheat codes and it is definitely worth the effort.

Roblox Microsoft Rewards Does Not Work

Microsoft Rewards Robux not showing up

Microsoft Rewards Robux Not Showing up

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