Rise Of The Dragon Episode 27: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Jidao Long Shin (Rise Of The Dragon is a Donghua that was produced by Ruo Hong Culture. Rise of the Dragon, a story of power and status, was broadcast for the first time in this year’s television season. 2nd of July 2022 It revolves around Chu QianyeHe is a fighter for his position as the most powerful cultivator within his clan.

Chu Qianye belongs to a world that’s filled with war and corruption. After an earth-shattering calamity, the gods were forced to intervene. The Dragon God, who was from the heavens, pacified the earth with his divine powers. He will leave when the balance is restored. But, now, anyone can possess the. Dragon spirit Become invincible enough that they could rule all empires.

Season 1 has 8 minute episodes. Rise Of The Dragon It is expected that there will be 40 episodes. If you enjoy Donghuas with Gods or Empires, this series will appeal to your taste.

The Azure Arena

Rise of the Dragon: The Plot 

Chu Qianye was labeled as an outcast as his father couldn’t protect the valuable treasure of the Fierce Dragon Clan He belonged to. He was attacked by Xue Yileng, a member God’s Domain. This causes Qianye to grow up with the wish to avenge his father’s death and become powerful enough to gain respect.

To achieve great results, you had to be an author. Inheritor of the Dragon’s powers. To do this, he would need to face the trial of Azure DragonEvery ten years. He is stopped because of his low status. Qinsheng He is accompanied by his father, but he manages to climb Dragon tower. Chu Qianye’s perseverance leads to him gaining dragon blood and Dragon Pith around his heart.

Qianye and Feiwu

Chu Qianye & Feng Feiwu

With the Dragon’s pith and increased level of cultivation, Qianye now sets off on a path of gaining the most sought-after power, Dragon’s Inheritance, with Feng Feiwu His side.

This show has a plot similar to others in the genre. There are also battles for power. The main difference is the show’s focus on Dragonkind powers. 

Rise of the Dragon Episode 26: Recap

Chu Qianye, Feng Feiwu and Feng Feiwu learn about the Huo’s Sick forefather. Huo Mansion. They are invited to come in, but they must find two doctors. Dr. Miao Dr. Xue, Waiting to question him first. They want proof that he is a high-ranking healer. But Chu Qianye can see through their physical condition. 

The doctors

The 3-Star Doctors

He wonders why they are being used to treat the father when they themselves are not well. Chu Qianye’s Dragon abilities show that Dr. Miao was weakened from so much alchemy. Dr. Xue on the other side was not human. It is shown that Dr. Xue consumed the beast’s blood to nourish the beast’s blood in his body. Chu Qianye warns this could result in him becoming neither a human or a demon.

This proves to the doctors that Qianye is indeed skilled enough to treat the Huo family’s forefather. Qianye saw the condition of the forefather and said that it was curable. Two hours He must not be disturbed. He orders chains and daggers from Feiwu and asks him to keep everyone out. 

Healing process

Qianye healing Forefather

It’s quite bizarre. Daggers were pierced in the forefather, and he was surrounded with the flame. After some time the forefather is freed. Huo Tongtian, You wake up looking younger and healthier.

Doctors are both astonished, curious, and incredulous. Awe of Chu Qianye’s powers.

Rise Of The Dragon Episode 27, Preview

Episode 27 will focus on Chu Qianye’s interaction with Huo Tongtian. The Forefather also reveals the reason behind his disease and how Qianye’s rather unusual treatment helped him become better than he was before. To find out what the cause of it was and if Qianye is rewarded for his kindness, check out the next episode that’s set to release this week.


Healed forefather

Rise of the Dragon Episode 27: Release Date

Episode 27 of Rise Of The Dragon will air on Tuesday, September 27, 2022. Rise of the Dragon airs every day Tuesday SaturdayThe show has two episodes of 10 minutes each week. 

Where to Watch Rise of the Dragon Episode 27

Youku can stream all episodes of Rising of the Dragon for Chinese viewers. This series is not legally available on any other platforms. Some episodes and previews can be viewed online, as well as on YouTube.  

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