Revealed: Is The Mad King In House Of The Dragon Season 1?

House of the Dragon is a refreshing breath of fresh air after being away from the dark politics of Westeros for too long. Fans are curious if the Mad King, who has many connections to Game of Thrones characters, will feature in this prequel series. Let us take a look at what we know about the Mad King to help you understand. House of the Dragon was established years before the events of Game of Thrones.

We get an introduction to King Jacaerys. He names his grandson Viserys, his heir under the Iron Throne. Viserys is unable to have a child with Aemma and therefore he names Rhaenyra her successor. Later, he marries Allicent, her best friend. The series’ 7th episode shows that the rivalry between the women has taken a solid turn.

After she had set fire to the city, this is a still of Daenerys Tarrayen, the daughter of the mad king.

The Targaryens are at their peak right before civil war wipes out half of them. This time is featured on the current episode. Given the fact that every person in the Red Keep is trying to rule and put their blood on the Iron Throne, be it Lord Corlys Velaryon or Ser Otto Hightower, it’s all about the throne and power. We are reminded of Daenerys, a Targaryen who was the first of her names and heir of the Iron Throne in Westeros during Game of Thrones. She had the right name, and the rightful claim on the same. What was her tragedy?

About King Aerys I Targaryen, the Mad King

Deeper into the same, she discovered that her father and King of Seven Kingdoms was a psychotic killer. He was so drunk on his power that he started to burn his subjects. Yes, we saw Cersei using wildfire during the show. It all belonged the Mad King.

Revealed: Is The Mad King in House of The Dragon Season 1?

Jamie Lannister, his own sworn shield from the Kingsguard, stabs the Mad King to death

Throughout the flashbacks provided to us back in Game of Thrones, his commonly used phrase was, “Burn Them All!”. This was when Robert Baratheon raised his banner along with Starks and Lannister to kill King Aerys and ensure the realm’s safety. However, his men were able to kill all Targaryens that remained in Red Keep and Dragonstone.

Viserys, her sister Daenerys, and the Storm made sure the shore was safe but it was chaos. They were able to escape through the Narrow sea. The House of the Dragon has introduced characters we have not seen before. Will they bring the Madking to the screen as well?

Revealed: Is The Mad King in House of The Dragon Season 1?

Daenerys Targaryen at Dragonstone her family seat

Is The Madking In House Of The Dragon Season 1

House of the Dragon Season 1 will not feature the Mad King or King Aerys I Targaryen. The prequel series was set 172 years prior to Daenerys Targaryen. It was clarified that the two “heirs to the Iron Throne” are 8 generations apart. The House of The Dragon leaps so far through time that it will not cover Aerys II Targaryen’s course or that of the Mad King.

The Targaryen civil War, which occurred many years ago, is the focus of the show. It is an important part of Westeros’ history. This was a time when the family fought each other. It will be a fight for power and the throne among Queen Allicent’s children as well as the kids of Princess Rhaenyra. We have seen many of these powerful beasts on the screen. The civil war is called Dance of the Dragons. It will be exciting to see them fight it out.

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