Renovation Island Season 3 Episode 5: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Renovation Island, also known by the Island of Bryan in Canada, debuted its first season in 2019. Season 3 has already released 4 episodes, and episode 5 is on its way. When will Season 3 Episode 5 be released? It centers around Bryan Baeumler, his wife and family, as well as Adam, the trainee. This series shows Bryan Baeumler and his family renovating houses. This family is fun to watch and a delight on the screen. Bryan Inc. and House of Bryan are two related shows. Both series feature home renovations starring the Baeumler families. 

Bryan Baeumler, Sarah Baeumler, and their three children form the Baeumler Family. This series shows the entire process of changing the island’s look. The series is available on HGTV. Season 3 of Renovation island aired at 9:00 PM EST on July 24th 2022 and has aired four episodes to date. Frank Halbert and Cheryl Zalameda directed the reality TV series. Since its first release in 2019, the show has been a big hit and was known as Canada’s highest-rated show. Since the release of the fourth episode on August 14th, it has been quite some time. Let’s find out when episode 5 is scheduled to release.

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What’s the Story So Far on Renovation Island?

Renovation Island season 3 passed with flying colors after two seasons. On the fans’ demand, the documentary series is back for the third season. The Baeumler Family is moving to Florida this season. To fans’ disappointment, Adam did not return for the third season with eight episodes. Without any delay, they started to work on their Florida house in the first episode called “New Normal”. In the second episode, “Half Baked,” the Baeumler family faces some issues while trying to live in the limited space because of the renovation. Soon, they begin to search for other places to call home. 

Renovation Island in Florida

“Middle Man”, the third episode, Bryan brings a surprise guest to the Bahamas. Sarah plans the next stage of her business while Bryan works to complete their projects. In the fourth episode, “Fight Path,” Sarah reorganizes her new office area, and they decide to take a break.

Renovation Island Needed a Break

The season was halted for two more weeks after the fourth episode of Renovation Island was broadcast on August 14. On the 21st of August, HGTV aired episode 5 of Renovation Island, but it wasn’t the fifth episode of this season. 

Episode 5 was delayed because Bryan and the Baeumler family decided to take a vacation from work. However, Sarah did not seem very happy with Bryan’s decision. Bryan and Sarah clashed in the last episode. Sarah wanted to keep the renovation going while Bryan wanted to go on vacation. They had argued before when Sarah was unhappy about Bryan’s tendency to leave work unfinished. Bryan had previously seemed annoyed when he had work to do on their date night. It is admirable that they are open to learning from their mistakes and trying to find solutions. It looks like the couple is finally taking a break. This was what they deserved. 

Renovation Island Season 3 Episode 5, Release Date

After a week-long vacation, Renovation Island Season 3 returns for its fifth episode. 28th August 2022. The series airs live on HGTV. The HGTV App and Discovery+ apps allow you to watch reruns. Season 3 Episode 5 will air at 9:00 PM EST/8:00 PM CST. You can also watch the reality TV series in other time zones at 6:00 PM PST, 6:30 AM IST (next morning), or 10 AM JST/KST(next day). Vudu has the third season available for $24.99.

The duo

Sarah and Bryan

The couple will have an awkward moment after the fight. As the synopsis suggests that Sarah and Bryan “aren’t seeing eye to eye” while they continue to work. This episode will show what the complete look of Sarah’s office looks like. Rumours suggest that there might be some new drama between them. For getting a closer look at the Baeumler family’s life, stay tuned to HGTV.

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