RadhaKrishn 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha Krishna’s Maha Raas

RadhaKrishn twenty fourth November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

Krishna requests Radha to let the entire males attend their maha raas/dance tournament. Radha refuses. Krishna requests her to not anger all males, particularly his aradhya Mahadev. Radha reminds him what he did on account of which she took this resolution and asks him to discover a halfway resolution. Balram scolds Krishna for spoiling all his efforts of adorning a spot for raas. Krishna assures him that the dance celebration will occur lately needless to say.

Yashoda tells Radha that all of them will experience maha raas lately. Ashtha sakhis realize cowherds sitting unfortunately and ask reason why. Cowherds say Radha denied permission for them to look at Radha Krishna’s maha raas. All of them come to a decision to fulfill Radha and request her to let all males watch maha raas.

Prapti with Akroor visits Vrindavan and learns about Radha Krishna maha raas and begins on the lookout for Krishna. Mahadev feels unhappy that he can not attend raas. Devi Parvati says even she won’t if he doesn’t. Krishna visits them and says Mahavdev will attend raas lately. Different gods acquire and ask Krishna how will he persuade Radha. Krishna says they may be able to watch raas disguised as girls. Mahadev consents and seeks devi Gauri’s assist in disguising all gods as girls. Devi Gauri is helping them and takes them alongside.

Devi Gauri visits Radha with Mahadev and different gods as her pals. Radha identifies them and feels elated to have them as her pals. Radha walks to Krishna and cowherds and allows them to watch raas. Radha Krishna carry out raas/dance.

Precap: Radha will get perplexed when ashta sakhis deal with her royally and thinks she wishes to query Krishna. Krishna peeps into her room.

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