Radha Mohan 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha leaves with Gungun for the hospital

Radha Mohan twenty fourth November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

The physician is appearing the checkup, Mr Trivedi is passed the shape which he inquires about when the physician unearths it is extremely tricky to avoid wasting Mohan jee and even supposing he’s stored there’s a probability he would possibly no longer be capable to both talk or stroll, The physician says this is a consent shape, Mr Trivedi mentions it’s to certify that they wouldn’t be in a position accountable if the rest occurs to him, the physician kneeling requests Mr Trivedi to speed as they donot have a lot time however he replies he can’t do it since he has all the time prayed for the lengthy well being of his kid or even made donations so how can he signal this consent shape, Mr Trivedi explains he had given Kadambari the accountability for the choices so she should additionally take this, Kadambari replies she can’t do it explaining she has best until now made choices for the betterment of his existence no longer figuring out her son can be combating for his existence, she explains it’s truly tricky for a mom. All of the circle of relatives requests her to keep an eye on her emotions, Radha takes her hand suggesting she should signal the papers, Kadambari continues to be at a loss for words when Radha asks her to consider in Bihari jee as he would by no means let the rest mistaken occur to Mohan jee who will undoubtedly come again alive, Radha is helping Kadambari carry out the signatures when she continues to be trembling, the physician leaves with the consent shape.

Radha exclaims the docs are doing their paintings so she should satisfy her process, Radha explains she is aware of how Mohan jee would transform wholesome as soon as once more, Damini stops Radha pronouncing she doesnot need to create any scene as all of them have thrown her out of this circle of relatives so she should no longer transform part of it once more, Radha replies that Damini is the one that is in a position to talk like this and if she needs to battle together with her then can do it after this has ended, Damini says Radha was once no longer even in a position to talk in entrance of her however is now arguing, she has gotten a large number of self belief. Radha exclaims Damini can suppose no matter she wants on the other hand no person can prevent her from serving to Mohan. Radha pushes Damini who falls at the bench sooner than leaving. Kaveri asks if she is okay when Damini assures she is wholesome.

Radha comes out however doesnot see an auto, she is seeing the scooty thinks she’s going to do one thing evil for which she must be pardoned, she assures the individual would get it again on the similar location. Radha rides the motorcycle whilst the landlord calls her a thief.

Damini questions the physician what goes with Mohan when he stated not anything would occur to his existence, the physician replies she should first prevent misbehaving since he already warned her that this kind of drugs will also kill him however she was once desperate to get the injection. Damini threatens to burn the entire health center on the other hand Kaveri stops her when the physician leaves, Damini is livid.

Ketki is sitting with Gungun when Tulsi additionally believes Mohan is undoubtedly in a large drawback, Gungun informs how Radha instructed her {that a} marriage is for seven years and in the event that they each were given married then Damini might be with him for seven years, Ketki replies that not anything mistaken would occur.

Radha reaches the home, however Rahul stops her from coming into the home when Radha explains she ahs to take Gungun to the health center, however Rahul asks in order that she stops the marriage of Mohan and Damini. Radha is surprised to peer the lock at the door when she questions Rahul why did he lock Ketki and Gungun inside of, Rahul replies he needs her Mohan jee to get married with Damini, Radha replies Mohan jee is combating for his existence on the health center and if any individual can save him it’s Gungun, Rahul nonetheless doesnot let move of her hand, Gungun from the balcony pleads Rahul to let her move.

Radha sees the rock so exclaims she is going to take Gungun and if she can’t open the door with the important thing then would wreck the lock with the rock, Rahul as soon as once more pulls Radha explaining Damini was once proper to mention she is the motive for all of the issues, he blames Radha pronouncing she is the rationale in the back of all of the incidents that took place of their area, Rahul exclaims nowadays he’s going to take revenge for all of the humiliations which he suffered, Radha on the other hand stands company so Rahul isn’t in a position to drag her, she explains time has modified since Bihari jee is already inside of her and she is going to give protection to herself, Radha bites the hand of Rahul so he let move of her, she pushes him away whilst as soon as once more seeking to open the door. Rahul slaps Radha, inflicting her to fall at the ground, he asks what she thinks of herself vowing to show her a lesson, however he sees Radha choosing up the awl. Rahul is surprised as she stands up maintaining it in her fingers, she explains if he tries to pass his limits then she may even no longer keep again, if he tries to boost his hand even by way of mistake then she would undoubtedly kill him. Rahul asks if she has the desire, he teases her to kill him when she replies nowadays it issues Mohan jee, she will eve n kill any individual for him. Rahul as soon as once more teases her, she swings the awl which is set to hit Rahul, he helps to keep dodging it when he in any case vows to show her a lesson, she hits him within the again with it inflicting Rahul to fall at the ground. Ketki in conjunction with Gungun and Dulari are surprised, Radha exclaims it could no longer be just right for him if he tries to stroll. Radha begins hitting the lock with the awl and is in any case in a position to damage it, Gungun rushes to hug Radha when she explains they should go away for the health center as best she will save Mohan jee, Ketki brings the helmet for Gungun advising Radha to go back with Mohan, Radha assures leaving with Gungun.
The physician prepares to present Mohan the electrical surprise.

Damini questions if he was once no longer in a position to prevent a unmarried lady, she says everybody is correct to mention Rahul is pointless, however she is undoubtedly going to stop her from achieving the health center, Radha informs Gungun she goes to extend the rate somewhat, Gungun mentions they should save Mohan so she will pressure as rapid as conceivable.

Damini comes out with the guards teaching the lady must no longer input the health center, she threatens to get them fired in the event that they make a unmarried mistake. Radha reaches the health center at the motorcycle however is surprised to peer Damini status with the guards, Gungun may be frightened.

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