Radha Mohan 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha manages to save Mohan from Parthap

Radha Mohan twenty third November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

Radha calls for the title of the one that despatched him, alternatively Parthap pushes Radha clear of her ft, so she falls onto Mohan. Damini thinks that Radha would no longer go away so simply, and she or he has no concept what kind of plan she could be making to prevent this marriage, Damini notices the stretcher Within the nook so thinks that she used to be proper to suppose that there used to be no useless frame however Radha. Kadambari status at the back of asks why she used to be speaking about Radha, does she has any concept alternatively Damini replies she doesnot know the rest about it.

Radha feels that Mohan ji is conserving her hand so she requests him to hear her listening to which Parthap thinks if Mohan wakes up then Damini mam would no doubt kill him, he choosing the injection is set to head and use it on Mohan however Radha vows not to let him move if he tries to hurt Mohan alternatively Parthap vows to hurt her ahead of Mohan.

Damini replies that she used to be simply taking her title as they’re on this drawback as a result of Radha, Kaveri additionally exclaims that Radha has ruined the whole lot for his or her circle of relatives, Damini mentions she needs to depart and be with Mohan alternatively Kadambari explains she can not go away the Mandir as Pandit jee handiest knowledgeable of those that can go away the Mandap, she explains how she had made such a lot plans for the marriage of Mohan however they’re pressured to do it right here within the health facility, she not needs this kind of state of affairs which might purpose the issues. Damini thinks that they’ve already began and it will be as a result of Radha.

Parthap slaps Radha pushing her to the nook, he thinks he first has to complete the duty ahead of killing Radha, Parthap manages to inject the medication within the IV, however Radha traps him through throwing the stand on him, she tries to head and give protection to Mohan alternatively Parthap as soon as once more stops, she tries her very best to break away since Mohan jee is at risk.
Ketki and Gungun each get started banging the door inquiring for Rahul to open the door, Tulsi additionally apologizes explaining she can not do the rest for them after crossing the safety defend, Gungun herself requests Rahul to open the door since she needs to be with Radha and Mohan as she is her buddy simply as Damini is his buddy, Rahul assures he in point of fact loves her however she continues to be only a kid and doesnot know the reality s this door would handiest open when Damini and Mohan bhai come again after you have married, Gungun yells exclaiming Damini can by no means be her mom, Tulsi additionally prays to Bihari jee that Damini will have to no longer marry Mohan as a result of it’ll smash the lifetime of her daughter so Radha will have to get the power to battle for Mohan.

Radha is challenging Parthap to let her move and she or he doesnot recall to mind any plan so bits Parthap, Radha briefly takes out the injection when she is shocked to look the medication which is losing from the IV Set, she wonders how can she forestall it. Parthap alternatives the steel rod considering he must hit her as that is the one manner she may also be stopped, Radha briefly takes out the IV from Mohan, yelling if he’s fantastic.

Damini thinks Radha would have no doubt made a scene as a result of if that individual is stuck then the whole lot would ruined Kaveri exclaims Radha has come to smash her plan when Damini mentions that handiest she would get married to Mohan. Kadambari questions what’s she announcing, Kaveri exclaims she is solely praying for Mohan, all of them go away to determine what has came about.

Gungun and Ketki are inquiring for Rahul to open the door however he doesnot concentrate, Gungun begins feeling dizzy which worries Ketki, so she calls Dulari to carry some water, Gungun after consuming it explains she isn’t feeling smartly and thinks Mohan is in numerous risk, Ketki assures they’ve to believe Bihari jee or even the remainder of the circle of relatives is within the health facility.

Gungun says Radha informed her that once there may be love between two other folks, they no doubt get the sign that one thing fallacious is set to occur, she feels Radha and Mohan are in giant hassle. Gungun as soon as once more requests Rahul to open the door however he exclaims this could handiest open as soon as Damini will get married to Mohan. Ketki tries calling everybody, however they don’t solution, she will get anxious questioning in the event that they each are in an issue.

Radha is crying for Mohan status in entrance of him, he’s taking her title and begins transferring so Radha assures she is ok, she hugs Mohan who even opens his eyes, Parthap is shocked to look them each hugging, Mohan drops his leg from the wheelchair which worries Radha, she is stunned to look Parthap status at the back of her and he’s about to hit her with the rod however she as an alternative injects him with the injection so he falls at the ground, Kadambari in conjunction with the circle of relatives input the room wondering who’s he, Radha explains that he’s the similar one who abducted her or even set the bomb at the bus, Ajeet exclaims they’ve to name the police.

Kadambari asks Radha if Mohan is ok when she informs that he has regained awareness or even she is bound he would get up quickly, Kadambari apologizes to Radha explaining she forgot to be a human in her quest to transform a excellent mom as a result of even supposing Radha led to drawback, she has at all times been there to avoid wasting his lifestyles so Radha will have to forgive her. Radha questions what she is announcing as a result of she did all that to avoid wasting Mohan whilst she used to be simply at all times looking to be there for Mohan, and it’s the love that led to them to avoid wasting his lifestyles. Mohan begins shivering which worries them, in order that they name the physician, he stares at Damini who indicators him to test Mohan. The physician informs that poison has been injected in his frame and they don’t seem to be hopeful he would be capable of live on, they rush him to the ICU.

All the circle of relatives is status outdoor the ICU, Kadambari mentions she left no stone unturned in humiliating her so she will have to forgive her, Radha questions what she is announcing since they simply will have to pray for Mohan. The nurse comes asking Mr Trivedi to signal those papers, he asks what are they for when the physician finds that the situation of the affected person isn’t smartly and it’s not possible to avoid wasting him, all the circle of relatives in conjunction with Radha is shocked.

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